What Makes Wolverine The Most Powerful In MCU?


Wolverine is one of the deadliest heroes in the Marvel Universe, a man whose mutant powers, healing factor, and adamantium bones make him a near-unkillable force. However, Logan once received a major power upgrade, transforming him into an even stronger hero and making him a one-man Avengers team.

He was ultimately chosen by his New Avengers teammates to take on their abilities in a quest to put down an extremely dangerous opponent. As a result, Wolverine took on one of his most powerful forms ever.

In “New Avengers” #5 (by Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, Laura Martin, and Chris Eliopoulos), the titular superteam battled the former Sorcerer Supreme Agamotto, an ancient, potentially omnipotent wizard who possessed heroes and unleashed a demonic army in an effort to take the Eye of Agamotto to protect himself against the all-powerful protectors of Earth, the Vishanti. To stop him, Doctor Voodoo, who was Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme at the time, challenged Agamotto to a fight, with the winner keeping the Eye for themselves.

However, Voodoo didn’t end up fighting, despite initially volunteering. Instead, the Avengers came up with an alternate plan, with Voodoo casting the Macoldine Spell of Binding, pooling all of the Avengers’ abilities — including Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, and Daimon Hellstrom’s — into one vessel.


Wolverine volunteers to take on Agamotto and receives the powers of his fellow heroes, transforming him and giving him his Avengers allies’ greatest strengths.

Wolverine took on one of Marvel’s most powerful characters

In “New Avengers” #6, readers see how the spell cast by Doctor Voodoo changes Wolverine. The clawed hero’s chest becomes emblazoned with a combination of the dragon tattoo of Iron Fist and Daimon Hellstrom’s pentagram-like symbol. Additionally, Wolverine gains fiery claws, the strength of Luke Cage and The Thing, the cosmic powers of Ms. Marvel, and magical abilities derived from Doctor Strange.


Despite his power-ups, Agamotto isn’t impressed with his challenger, as he expects the Sorcerer Supreme to meet him in battle, not a powered-up mutant. Still, Wolverine heroically enters the fight with a glowing chest and energy radiating off his claws, taking on Agamotto, who shape-shifts into several of Wolverine’s closest allies and most-feared enemies.


The mutant hero fights mirage versions of Mystique, his son Daken, the Phoenix, and the Hulk as the power increase allows Wolverine to survive his opponent’s god-like blows, taking on damage from some of Agamotto’s strongest spells and surviving. However, when the spirit of Daniel Drumm enters the chaos as Wolverine starts to lose, Agamotto reneges on the terms of the duel, leading him to nearly kill both fighters, forcing Voodoo to intervene and save his fellow heroes.

Voodoo uses the Eye to destroy Agamotto, seemingly sacrificing himself in the process. The spell cast on Wolverine is reversed as his powers return to the Avengers — but not before Logan proves how strong a one-person Avengers team could be.

Wolverine’s magic-fueled form remains one of his strongest

Wolverine would likely only survive a few seconds against Agamotto in a one-on-one battle without his upgraded powers. After all, despite being a mighty hero who has gone toe-to-toe with powerhouses like the Hulk, Wolverine is no magic user. The abilities of the first Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts dwarf Logan’s mutant powers. Agamotto has so many spells at his disposal that even when faced with an adamantium-infused opponent with a healing factor, he would emerge victorious in virtually every scenario.

However, while in possession of the Avengers’ collective powers, Wolverine held his own against Agamotto, taking on some of his darkest spells while fighting against projections of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. While the mystic brawl ended with Agamotto ultimately stopping Wolverine before Daniel Drumm and Doctor Voodoo’s intervention, the fact that Wolverine made the fight interesting is a major accomplishment.


While he held all of the powers of the Avengers team at once, Wolverine briefly became strong enough to defeat Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by himself. While it might not be his most potent form ever — becoming Old Man Phoenix is his ultimate form in the Marvel Multiverse — the abilities helped him prolong and survive a key fight until the cavalry arrived. Thankfully, the Avengers didn’t have to deal with Wolverine being mind-controlled with his new powers; otherwise, there might not have been a team left standing when Logan was done with them.

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