Forget Venom, CARNAGE Just Became Marvel’s Top Symbiote

A picture of Carnage

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Absolute Carnage #1

Every Spider-Man and Venom fan has heard of and knows the maniac called Carnage. The most recent event of Marvel Studios has the goal of redefining this villain as a single symbiote or a super predator.

In simple terms, if Cletus Kasady was considered as a monster, then Absolute Carnage is doing its best to turn him into a living nightmare.

Fans Should Expect the Unexpected:

Although fans have had months before the event to prepare for it, now that Absolute Carnage’s first issue has been released, the makers have made it crystal clear that no amount of warnings or leads could weaken the force that was created by Carnage’s arrival.

Cletus Kasady, has, for a change, been focusing on a mission, and has been waiting for the perfect opportunity by silently picking off numerous former hosts of the symbiote.

By doing so, Eddie Brock and the Venom Symbiote are the only ones left standing on the forefront to meet Kasady.

Moreover, Carnage is also meeting fans’ expectations of being able to prove himself as the greatest villain of Venom.

Carnage Returned with Cletus Kasady’s Death:

Just like any major comic event, many readers are eagerly waiting to jump into the bandwagon of the story but haven’t been following the time of the set-up.

And while the first issue of Absolute Carnage does have a few pages which have summarised the story till now, it is not possible to convey the extent of the horrific origin that this incarnation of Carnage had endured so that it could come back to life.

This is a surprise in itself for some fans, especially considering that Cletus Kasady had died in a prior event of Marvel Comics.

While fans might accept the fact that the Devil himself sent Cletus back into the world, in reality, Carnage’s resurrection is way cooler.

Carnage Above Venom:

Each Marvel comic event is described as something which has had “years in the making,” but the event of Absolute Carnage has been planted in the new Venom mythology.

This is something that Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman have been building ever since they took over the series.

Simply put, Brock had faced a symbiote dragon which revealed where the symbiotes originated from, known as the “children” of Knull, otherwise called the God of Symbiotes.

Venom defeated the symbiote, but when this cult had the opportunity to commune with a God, even though he was a symbiote, they harvested the dragon’s scrap and combined it with Kasady’s corpse. In the end, they also paid the price for this gamble.

Carnage Strikes Venom:

While the intention of the cult was giving Knull a new host, anyone who knows how Cletus works can easily understand why their plan did not work as intended.

Instead, Cletus took control over from Knull, and thus shaped the symbiote into a stronger form of Carnage.

Additionally, his alliance with Knull showed Carnage that every symbiote and every host that it has ever bonded with contains a part of the essence of Knull.

With this knowledge, Cletus successfully set Absolute Carnage in motion, while eating every single Marvel character that has ever bonded with a symbiote.

Carnage to Spread His Symbiote:

The storytellers have succeeded in forming a picture of a grotesque killer, one amongst the likes of Freddie Krueger. Absolute Carnage #1 shows how Cletus Kasady pursues Venom into the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane and tries to recruit an army in an even more horrifying manner.

With Cletus being restored to his human form by the symbiote, this serial killer then wanders around the halls of the Institute while singing and tearing a hole into his chest cavity, while the inmates cheer and squeal in delight.

He then comes out with many symbiote worms and begins to throw them into the cells as he passes by them. Even before the inmates begin to scream, the doors of the cells come off their hinges, which is something even Venom could not possibly predict.

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