Where Will the TVA & Loki Appear Next?

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Currently, Loki isn’t expected to return for Season 3 on Disney+ as producer Kevin Wright called the first two seasons “two chapters of the same book.” But as Loki is now sitting at the center of the Multiverse and the MCU dives ever deeper into the Multiverse Saga, his return in another project feels inevitable.

Looking at What If…? Season 2, it seems unlikely the TVA’s Loki Variant will appear, with the Watcher’s Yggdrasil projection probably only placed there to maintain the continuity of Multiversal imagery across the MCU.

Even if the God of Stories doesn’t appear in What If…? Season 2, as seems likely, at least one Variant of Loki may well show up. Having made his way into multiple episodes last season, it would be surprising if Hiddleston didn’t reprise the character in one of the nine sophomore stories.

The next time the God of Stories will appear will likely be one of the upcoming Avengers blockbusters, The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. After all, Marvel Studios confirmed Loki has laid the groundwork for a reunion between Thor and Loki. Where better for that to happen than an Avengers movie?

What If…? Season 2 will premiere on Friday, December 22, exclusively on Disney+, with new episodes set to debut daily for nine days.

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