Who Killed Echo’s Father In the MCU?


The big reveal of who killed Echo’s dad happens in Episode 3 of Hawkeye, “Echoes.”

Sometime after the Blip in 2018, Maya Lopez returned from a sparring match to Fat Man Auto Repair, a shop where her father usually resides. Sadly for her, this visit does not go as planned.

Alaqua Cox, Echo, Hawkeye
She quickly realizes there is someone inside slaughtering countless people—none other than Jeremy Renner’s Ronin.

By the timeAlaqua Cox’s Echo gets there, there’s nothing she can do. But she does get one final moment with her dying father before he passes.


While there are certainly plenty of other reasons why Maya Lopez went down the path she did, the death of her father only dug her in deeper.

Hawkeye and Maya Lopez have their final big confrontation in Hawkeye Episode 5, “Ronin.” It is here where Ronin once again upends Echo’s entire life.

In the initial brawl, Maya loses the upper hand and is defeated by Clint Barton. He tells her they are both the same, weapons of rage easily manipulated.

Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner


The hero goes on to reveal that the night he killed Maya’s father, he was there thanks to an informant working for her boss, The Kingpin. The snitch in question was no other than Kazi Kazimierczak, Echo’s partner at the time.

While Echo does not want to hear it, Clint’s words resonate with her. This leads the villain to eventually go on to kill Kazi and shoot Kingpin through the eye by the time Hawkeye’s final episode rolls its credits.

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