Why Are The BTS Famous?

why are the bts famous?

If you are asking this question, then you don’t have any idea how many things you are missing in life. BTS is not just any random pop band, they are a phenomenon.

Is BTS the best pop group?

Well, to be honest, K-pop is not as famous as K-dramas. The only group from K-pop who achieved so many things are the BTS. But they may as well be one of the best pop groups to walk the face of the Earth.

There are many things about BTS that their fans, also called Army, would give us a reason to love them.

Still, the answer is simple, seven beautiful souls, make music, promote self-love, have the energy and passion and talent of so many pop stars combined, and make us wish we knew Korean.

Why are the BTS famous?

It has been eight years since the band was officially formed, and those years have not been easier on them.

The group started living together in 2013. The group went through many years of hard work, pain, failure, and so much more till 2018.

why are the bts famous?

There were even rumors and confirmations that they planned to disband in 2018, but they pulled through, and that year by the end, things changed for the group.

From performing at the Grammy to be nominated at the Grammy. From being a nobody to breaking records, set by Hollywood stars. They have just done it all.

Why is this month called BTS month?

Exactly eight years ago this month, to be exact, June 13, is when the group was fully formed and introduced.

This month along with their recently released full English song, Butter, will be added as the FESTA month.


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The official page of BTS on Twitter and Instagram has been tweeting and sharing pictures of the gang in colorful outfits with BTSFESTS2021 hashtags.

Fans have no idea what exactly it is, but they know they will go all out. The gang released their first full English song Dynamite last year, which even got them a Grammy nomination.

The band is a worldwide phenomenon, and fans go above and beyond to show them they love them. But, so do the singers. They have been grateful to the fans by all means they could.



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