Why did Belinda’s Father Never Reach Out To Her Before? Belinda’s Past Unravels


After watching the newly released Rom-Com “The Entitled” on Netflix, you might have definitely wondered why Belinda was away from her father for so many years? Why did he not search for her all these years?

The movie starts with Belinda going to her father’s house, but we don’t really see any of her past. Here are some theories explaining why Belinda didn’t know anything about her father.


It is very clear that Belinda has gone through many hardships in her life, she comes from a place called Nalapok, where she lives with an old man whom she called Uncle and a boy named Kim, which is shown later on in the movie. Nobody knows how she might have ended up there, but there can be a possibility that when she was younger, she might have gotten lost, and the old man might have found her and raised her. 


Throughout the entire movie, Belinda mentions her mom only once when it is stated that she is not alive anymore. She wishes that her mom was still alive and would’ve been happy to see her and her father finally meet. This indicates that her mother had told her about her father. There can be another possibility that her mother must have left Enrico, Belinda’s dad after Belinda was born. 

But this raises the question of why did Belinda not try to contact her father even after her mom died. Belinda can be seen as very content with her life in Nalapok, since she’s been raised there, she’s comfortable living there.

Theodore Boborol, the director of the movie, has not confirmed any of the theories or revealed anything about the character’s past. But these assumptions can be valid. 


If you haven’t watched The Entitled yet, you watch the movie on Netflix. The movie is about how Belinda bumbles her way through a new, sophisticated lifestyle with the help of a charming lawyer after learning her estranged father is a hotel mogul.

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