Why Does Loki Look Angry In The New Loki Poster?


To be honest, we have never seen Loki angry ever before. We have seen him show a lot of reactions, but anger like this was never seen before.

Loki’s New Poster

This new poster that was released for the Loki series has caused us to wonder if we have ever seen Loki this pissed before.

We know that Loki has been caught before, but we have seen him as charming as ever even then.

If you need a reminder, Avengers movie’s Loki and his New York defeat is one such example. He actually wanted the drink that Tony offered him.


See, that’s how cool he is. Even during the Endgame events when we see Ant-Man causing Tony Stark a heart attack, we see Loki so cool and how he is the only one noticing something else is going on.

Why is Loki angry?

Well, our guess is as good as yours, but we think it might have something to do with someone betraying him.

Actually, that even might not be the case. He is a God of Mischief, and he barely trusts anyone, so being betrayed might be something he always expects.

This might just be him being blamed for something he never did.



Because we saw in the trailer that he has a cool chat with the TVA guy when he enters the facility, so there is no way he was this angry when they caught him.

He was probably disappointed, but this face is something we have never seen him make.

What role will TVA play in Loki?

We know it will play a significant role, and not only that, thanks to the head writer of the show, we now know that the show will build “a new corner of the MCU.”


My pitch for the show was kind of a big, crazy, fun time adventure. The TVA is just an entirely new world a new cast of characters, and that’s what felt most exciting about the show: building a new corner of the MCU.

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