Why is Record of Ragnarok Anime banned in India?

Record of Ragnarok

Netflix’s Record of Ragnarok is embroiled in controversy and is facing criticisms for its portrayal of Lord Shiva in the series. Since the announcement of the anime release, viewers have been highly anticipating the arrival of the Netflix show. However, Indian fans are going to miss out on this much-awaited series. 

Even before its release, Netflix made some changes in the trailer following a backlash involving the scene of Shiva. Additionally, the anime is now not released in India. It is already available on Netflix US. To know more about the Record of Ragnarok Controversy, read on to find out more about it. 

What is the Controversy about?

Shiva in Record of Ragnarok

Even before the release of the trailer, Rajan Zed, President of the Universal Society of Hinduism, stated in October 2020 that the manga portrayed the Hindu Gods and Goddesses wrongly, and also to stop representing the teachings of Hindu incorrectly. 

When the trailer was released, Shiva’s angry face was showcased but was removed and replaced with a shot of LuBu and Sasaki due to the criticisms. This issue has driven the streaming platform to avoid releasing the anime in India. 

The depiction of Shiva in the story is seen as a misrepresentation of Hinduism in popular media by its followers. And hence it has been banned from streaming in India. The anime will likely continue to be banned as long as Shiva remains in the picture.   

About Record of Ragnarok


The series follows the union of the gods to decide the fate of humanity. They decide to wipe out humanity as humans are beyond redemption, however, plan to give humans to fight for their survival in the battle of Ragnarok. 

Since humans have to fight against the powerful gods, to make it a just battle, humans are given Valkyries which transform into a powerful weapon. And if 7 humans win then humanity will be shown mercy. Some of the humans who partake in the battle are Adam, Jack the Ripper and Buddha, while the Gods consist of Thor, Beezlebub and Shiva. 


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