The Chainsaw Man Trailer is Finally Out!

Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer

There is no denying that the Chainsaw Man Manga is one of its kind. With its unique blend of slapstick comedy, gruesome scenes, and philosophically engaging plot, the manga has received a lot of critical acclaim. 

Chainsaw Man won the Shogakukan Manga Award for the year 2021 in the Shonen category. This impressive win is a testament to its artistic and creative merit. That’s why many fans have been excited to see the manga get an anime adaptation soon.

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After lots of prayers of tears, Studio MAPPA answered our prayers and decided to produce the Chainsaw Man anime. The anime is in the making and recently, they’ve released the first teaser trailer of the anime.

Everything About The Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer

The Chainsaw Man trailer has given many fans what they needed and it looks promising. From the barely two-minute video, the art, the world-building, and the characters remain faithful to the original.

Probably, the Chainsaw Man Manga translates well in the anime medium. Even the mangaka, Ryu Nakayama himself congratulated the studio for the amazing work and praised it! That’s validation enough for MAPPA.

Based on the views on YouTube, the hype for the Chainsaw Man anime is getting insane. It has gained approximately 2 million views in merely a day, which needs no further explanation. Furthermore, on Twitter, many fans have been tweeting about it, sharing their thoughts on the titillating trailer which doesn’t shy away from showing the gore.

Studio MAPPA had earlier made the announcement that the first trailer would be released as a part of their special 10th Anniversary celebration. The studio decided to capitalise on this anniversary event by announcing many of their upcoming and ongoing anime projects. 

In recent years, Studio MAPPA has produced a lot of amazing anime like Attack on Titan Season 4, Banana Fish, Kakegurui, etc. That’s why we’ll never ever stop thanking the studio!

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