Netflix To Produce a Thrilling Space-Horror Anime “Exception”

Netflix Horror Anime Exception

Netflix seems to be in a frenzy when it comes to producing new original anime. The historical fantasy anime Yasuke got released a month back. Many more projects are set to finalize and get released. 

There’s a new entrant to the grand Netflix list: a horror anime called Exception. This anime does sound promising and is a welcome addition to the subgenre of horror anime. 

It’s a small part of a larger Netflix project to produce new fabulous anime shows in different genres. It’s working with a lot of Japanese content and animation experts to come up with fresh entertainment. 

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In Netflix’s Geeked Week, it released the first visual of Exception. This virtual event “Geeked Week” has managed to garner a lot of hype and publicity for many Netflix projects. 

Netflix Geeked Week
Netflix Geeked WeekNetflix Geeked Week

From the visual, we can make out that it’s about space horror, a relatively unexplored terrain in anime. Netflix’s initiative to explore other sub-horror genres is commendable.

The visual depicts a horrific and bone-chilling otherworldly creature with what seems to be hair and claw-like hands. This is the kind of visual that will leave many people burdened with sleepless nights. But we love that, don’t we?

Release Date of Netflix Horror Anime Exception

Unfortunately, the streaming service Netflix hasn’t announced any premiere date for the anime. Other details about logistics, production, and broadcast haven’t been announced yet. 

They haven’t even released a trailer for the Netflix Space-Horror anime Exception. However, many fans are optimistic that Netflix will be kind enough to release a teaser trailer and announce the release date soon.

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Cast and Staff Members of Exception

Netflix hasn’t released the list of cast members (or voice actors) for Exception. However, the list of the staff members is out already. Yuzo will be directing the anime. 

The writer of the series is Hirotaka Adachi who also goes by the nameOtsuichi”. The character designs of all, including the hideous monster are the creations of the mind of Yoshitaka Amano, who has worked in Final Fantasy. 

Plot of Netflix Space-Horror Anime

The plot focuses on a spacecraft full of human beings which leaves Earth for some far-off galaxy. However, soon later, they discover that they’re not welcome on that planet. They have to face the space creature (probably the one in the visual) that seeks vengeance on the humans.

Now, that sounds like something that will keep me from booking a ticket to Mars. 


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