WandaVision Episode 5: Everything You Need To Know


As a hardcore Marvel fan, it is our inane duty to let you in on the finding of ours from the 5th episode.

Let me tell you this now itself, the episode was confusing as hell and was terrific and breathtaking at the same time.

It might be the best example for the ‘more we wait, the sweeter the result’ philosophy. This episode topped all the other episodes that came before and had fans leaping with joy.

We finally get to confirm some theories, and also, we get to be more confused than ever, so let’s dive in before I get confused again and lose my mind.


Enormous Power


As expected, this article from here on contains a lot and a lot of spoilers, so read at your own risk.

As Jimmy Woo said, the amount of power Wanda is yielding right now is far superior to what she has ever shown before. Even Monica agrees that she would’ve killed Thanos if he hadn’t ordered that strike.

Well, Jimmy Woo does take on the same debate of fans and says, ‘so can Captain Marvel.’


That being said, the bubble and everything needed to keep it running require a lot of strength. Now is all of that done only by Wanda?

Multiverse or just recasting?


Darcy Lewis, who sees that Pietro is at the door, calls it recasting. As we know, the Pietro in the MCU is dead, and here, the one from the X-Men franchise has appeared.

The funny thing is Vision doesn’t recognize who it is, but Wanda could. Darcy calls it recasting, and I call it, “It is just another way of Agnes trying to keep Wanda from listening to Vision and continue staying in here.”


Why? Remember when Vision confronted Wanda, she knew some stuff but not everything. She had some idea, but it looked like even she was contradicting the things she was telling. For example, the lines she said to her sons about accepting reality.

So maybe Agnes or however it is thought that it is safe to give another reason for Wanda to stay, as Vision could make her stop this madness.

Is Agnes just a nosy neighbor?


By now, Wanda is doing her magic before Agnes, and she looks unfazed for just a nosy neighbor. While at first Wanda is confused a little, later she ignores it.


But Vision is growing suspicious. He is starting to see that Agnes knows what they need anytime and that just borderlines with spooky.

Tell me, wasn’t that line where Agnes convinces Wanda to take everything from the top confusing for you? Well, apparently, Wanda forgot about that soon or is probably made to forget.

Out of the bubble


Agent Hayward, as Darcy rightly put, is a pain in the butt. He is becoming more like an entitled prick. He did see what Wanda could do in a fraction of a second with so many guns so, let’s see how he deals from now on.


If he thinks he could take out with the stuff he has, then he is crazy. Monica has some kind of emotional connection with Wanda and looks like it might come in handy somehow.

Monica’s Weird Results


After Captain Rambeau is brought to the facility to get her body checked up, every scan and test she took ends up becoming blank.

The nurse is seen asking Rambeau to take all the tests again as everything is just blank. Now what?


Cutting of the Hedges


Agnes or Wanda (according to Darcy) is cutting off the shots that are not needed. Like when something weird happens or when Vision is suspicious.

All that stuff is aired for us, but the S.W.O.R.D couldn’t see any of it as Agnes or Wanda; someone is cutting out those shots.

Like when Vision finds out about Norm and how he is trapped in the bubble. All that stuff is not seen on the TV screen.


Things keep getting weirder at West View. Wiccan and Speed can already do superhuman stuff, and Agnes seems to be unbothered by it. Fishy, everything is just fishy now!

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