Why Marvel Studios Shot Down a Drone? Marvel Studios snipers are real??

Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios snipers are real? The studio shot down a drone above the set of Disney+’s Secret Invasion to prevent leaks.

Marvel Studios has long been famous for its lengthy security measures to prevent big spoilers and surprises from coming out ahead of release. The studio recently took action internally to crack down on leaks coming from test screenings through the family and friends of employees.

Disney even had to go to legal lengths to expose leakers who dropped the script of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania onto Reddit. Captain America 4’s Anthony Mackie even explained the massive process involved in getting his script.

Why Marvel Studios Shot Down a Drone

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson revealed they suffered issues with fans flying drones over the sets of Secret Invasion, seemingly in an effort to uncover and leak spoilers.

The legendary actor added how they even “shot one down” and traced another back to its location of origin and “got” the pilot in question:

“They shot one down. And they followed one back to where the dude was. They found him and, yeah, they got him.”

Emilia Clarke – who plays Talos’ daughter G’iah in Secret Invasion – added how her casting was followed by a “[terrifying]” video meeting with Marvel’s security team, that led her to be scared someone would “come and kill [her]:”

“I was like, ‘I think a man’s going to come and kill me if I say anything.'”

However, the star added how she “chilled out” eventually, making reference to her time on Game of Thrones how it “just sucks” when spoilers leak, although denied that she ever “did the spoiling.”

The MCU’s War Machine actor Don Cheadle, who returns in Secret Invasion, also chimed in to throw a jab at Hulk’s Mark Ruffalo and Spider-Man’s Tom Holland – both of whom are famous for their past spoiling antics:

“They didn’t just hold up a picture of Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland and say, ‘Don’t be like these guys?'”

During an interview on The Tonight Show to promote Captain America: The Winter Soldier – via Comicbook – Steve Rogers’ Chris Evans opened up about Marvel security and even joked about how “they have snipers just out waiting:”

“The problem with Marvel is that, it’s so funny, it’s so different from other movie experiences, you can’t say anything. They have snipers just out waiting. I feel like if I start giving plot points a red dot will just end on my forehead. Every script you’re given is watermarked with your name on it, so if that’s released, they’re going to come down hard on you. It’s real lock and key.”

Are the Marvel Studios Snipers Real?

Marvel Studios’ cast and crew have been joking for years about studios president Kevin Feige sending his assassin snipers after them if they were to reveal anything spoilery they shouldn’t be.

After all these years, the drone story from the Secret Invasion set may actually be the closest thing to that being a reality.

Obviously, fans have been trying to capture photos and videos from Marvel Studios productions for many years. With drones and other advanced filming technology becoming increasingly more available, Hollywood will continue to have to go to lengths such as shooting down drones to prevent spoilers in the modern era.

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