Why Secret Invasion Didn’t Feature a Post-Credits Scene?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Secret Invasion director Ali Selim was asked about the decision to not include a post-credits scene at the end of the show, which made it the first MCU Disney+ show to not have one.

When asked if there were ever any plans for a post-credits scene to be included, Selim stated that “discussions in the upper offices” may have taken place, but that he was aware of nothing.

The director also added that he felt the show “resolves itself,” causing it to not need any additional footage at the end:

“None that I was privy to. There may have been discussions in the upper offices where I wasn’t involved, but I don’t know. I think that they use those end-credit sequences to launch something or to resolve something, and maybe this story feels like it resolves itself.”

The only tease of something to come from Secret Invasion in the eyes of Selim was Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury “get[ting] ready for The Marvels,” which occurred before the credits in the final episode.

In an additional interview with TVLine, Selim was asked the same question and said that would be “a good question for Kevin Feige:”

“That’s a good question for Kevin Feige and the MCU at large. I know that they use these movies and series to launch things, or to wrap things up, and post-credit sequences serve to do that.”

Just like in his interview with THR, Selim stated that he felt Secret Invasion didn’t need a post-credits scene and that everything in the show “gets wrapped up really well” on its own:

“I don’t know what they’re launching with this show. I do know what they’re wrapping up, which is Nick Fury’s internal struggle with aging and with his sense of purpose and his sense of ‘other,’ which I think gets wrapped up really well. And there’s not much else to say about that, so I don’t know that a post-credits sequence would help.”

The director also went on to say that Marvel Studios may just have not thought a post-credits scene was necessary:

“But I also am certain they’re launching some things with what’s going on at the end of this series, and I guess they didn’t feel that any of those things warranted a post-credits sequence.”

Would a Post-Credits Scene Improve Secret Invasion?

As previously mentioned, Secret Invasion was not received well by either critics or MCU fans.

Most fans go into the finale of a Disney+ series expecting to see at least something at the end of the credits.

However, just as Selim stated, there really wasn’t anything in regard to the show that could have been featured at the end in a scene like that.

The Marvels is coming up fast, and it will definitely feature Nick Fury, but there may have just been nothing that could have been in a post-credits scene that would have added anticipation for that movie.

It may also have been a good thing for many fans that a tease to The Marvels wasn’t included at the end of Secret Invasion.

The finale already left such a bad taste in the mouths of those watching, so teasing The Marvels may have even caused those same fans to develop preconceived notions that The Marvels would be of the same quality.

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