Why the Marvel Universe loves the Avengers And Hate X-Men?

The Avengers, often called “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” aren’t viewed with the same hatred as the X-Men. They’re collectively seen as safe heroes who appear more human, relatable, and the pinnacle of what humanity represents.

While they face challenges from those who oppose them, the Avengers rarely suffer the same prejudice from the public simply for how they look and what they represent.

New Mutants

While Marvel’s mutants can’t control who they are or what powers they have, the Avengers mostly can. Captain America signed up to become an enhanced super-soldier to help end World War II; Iron Man designed and built his armor with his genius intellect; and Ant-Man scientifically developed his and Wasp’s size-changing abilities.

Even a god like Thor is seen as more human than most of the X-Men simply due to his handsome appearance. Heroes like the Hulk, who didn’t choose to transform into a monster but instead gained his powers in a freak accident, relate more to the mutants because he doesn’t have the same control over his superhero nature as his fellow Avengers — and he’s treated much worse by the public because of it.

The Avengers supposedly encompass the best of what a human society can be. The X-Men, with their roster filled with powerful heroes that often dwarf the Avengers’ abilities, are hated because mutants often look different and less “normal” than their human counterparts.

Unfortunately, the Marvel Universe hating the X-Men and loving the Avengers is a symptom of a significant problem involving prejudice and hatred of what people don’t understand. It’s also, sadly, a reflection of the real world and how mankind tends to react to race, social hierarchies, and basic differences.

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