Why You Have To Watch The Anime Series Steins;Gate!

Steins;Gate is an ageless anime series that is well known since 2011 while securing its position on the top among other anime. It is a blend of science fiction and psychological thriller that make the viewers deeply engrossed in it. The series was well-received by critics calling it “one of the most addictive sci-fi thrillers in recent anime history”.

The story is set in 2010 and follows Rintaro Okabe, and his friends accidentally discovering a manner of time travel. They realize that they can send text messages back in time, to change the present.

This is exactly why fans find the plot extremely thrilling. And why you should definitely check out the series. We have listed down some reasons why it’s a must-watch anime!

The Plot is truly fascinating

Since it has a lot of science fiction elements, it is especially a treat for viewers who are into this genre. But of course, that’s not all, cause that would be boring! It presents a mash-up of comedy and drama with exciting scientific discoveries. The storytelling and the development of the scenes are highly detailed as well.

The Characters and their Relationships

The characters form a huge role in portraying the narrative of the anime. Each displaying their own unique personalities is what makes them stand out and entertaining. The character designs were also refreshing as the anime features an overweight person as one of its main characters.

And although they are distinct from one another, the way they interact and develop their relationships deeply is just what viewers love about the show. 

The Brilliant Animation

While there is plenty of anime out there with outstanding art designs and animation, Steins;Gate is certainly among the top-notch anime. The visuals were of high quality throughout the series and the use of realistic art surely cannot go unnoticed.

Inklings of Sweet Romance

Viewers are going to be satisfied with the touch of romance executed in Steins;Gate. Including romantic interests in the characters further increases the passionate and emotional force of the storyline.


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