Will Loki Turn Good Again In The Loki Series?

What Time Does Loki Release On Wednesday?

It took a long time, but we finally got to see Loki’s good side without any mischief by the end of Ragnarok, but things didn’t last long when Thanos choked him.

Will Loki turn good again?

The Loki we have now is thanks to the Avengers deciding to go back in time through the quantum realm and retrieving the Infinity Stones and messing up a little so that Loki could escape.

This Loki we will be seeing in the show is not the reformed one but the one immediately after the events of the New York battle.

As expected, the one we will be seeing will be the Diva, wannabe king, and crazy dude. But this new teaser released for the Loki show releasing on the 9th of June may have pointed out that we might get the reformed Loki soon.

when will loki become good again?

Will Loki turn good by the end of Loki Season 1?

Well, many think that Loki learning to face the consequences and working to clear his mess for the first time will help him change a little.

We see in the new teaser that Loki is being a pompous ass and being the Diva he is, but also we see him saying he is a bit of both good and bad.

The Loki we saw till Ragnarok was the same. He was not completely evil, and we both know that he did not expect the New York event to be that big.

Some even say that Loki was controlled by Thanos the whole time because of the Mind Stone. But Thanos or not, we saw what that Mind stone did to the Avengers in the room.

Everyone was turned against each other, and for layman’s eye, it’s a normal fight, but if you look deep into it, it may have been the stone doing the tricks.

We do know how powerful the stone is, so there is a possibility. If that’s the case, then Loki was not completely bad.

Believe us, we know he was not pure. We just think he was never on any side completely, let it be good or bad. The new teaser and the show promise us the same, so get ready for some Loki fun.


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