Will Talos Return in MCU’s Secret Invasion?

Will Talos Return in MCU’s Secret Invasion?

Seeing Talos’ death was a shocking moment for fans when Episode 4 premiered, especially considering he was billed right under Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury when the series was first confirmed in late 2020.

And with that status as one of the show’s two leading characters amongst a host of huge names from the MCU, fans are already wondering whether this death will be one that sticks or if it will eventually be undone.

This is especially the case after Marvel already undid G’iah’s death only a couple of minutes into Episode 4, which happened to a character that was only introduced in this series rather than four years ago the way Talos was.

Thus far, Secret Invasion hasn’t had the easiest ride thanks to the story Marvel is telling on Disney+, with many already expecting Talos’ death to be the second one to not become final in only a couple of weeks.

But with Samuel L. Jackson teasing that “the last [episode] is sooo good,” only time will tell what the show still has left in its bag of tricks.

Episode 5 of Secret Invasion will debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 19.

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