Will there be a Black Clover Animated Movie?

Originally a manga series written by Yūki Tabata, it got an anime adaptation in October 2017 due to overwhelming popularity. Recently, in 2021’s January, Crunchyroll revealed the info that Black Clover had the most viewers in 2020 across the globe. 

Many people have compared Black Clover with the likes of Bleach, Fairy Tail, and Naruto, noting many similarities. However, fans have noted how Black Clover doesn’t mindlessly repeat tropes. Rather, it adds further depth to these tropes and this makes the anime more unique.

Its anime adaptation, spanning 170 episodes, aired from October 2017 till March 2021. Many fans were sad that the Black Clover anime came to an end. However, Weekly Shonen Jump came up with an announcement that a Black Clover movie will be added to the franchise.

So, let’s quickly get into the details of the upcoming Black Clover movie!

Any Release Date?

Weekly Shonen Jump made this exciting announcement alongside a brief video. On an unfortunate note, the video revealed very little details about the upcoming anime movie. 

The video only showed snippets of the creators working on the anime and some scenes from the manga. It also covered the immense popularity of the series among many weebs. Watch the video here.

Coming to the point, there’s no information at all about the release date of the Black Clover movie. The Twitter handle of Black Clover only specifies that details about the movie will be announced after some time.

The plot of the Black Clover Movie?

The plot of the movie hasn’t been revealed, unfortunately. We’ll have to wait patiently for further information to be announced: “at a later date”. Hopefully, “at a later date” will be as soon as possible. 

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