Would Robert Downey Jr. Return to the MCU?


Even though it has been only about four years since Robert Downey Jr. left the MCU, it seems one of the hottest topics amongst fans is if/when his character will return.

When the actor left back in 2019, it felt as though he has put in his time. He had done over ten years in the role, and it was the perfect moment to give his hero the send-off he deserved. But as comic fans know, no one is ever 100% dead in these universes.

If the actor wanted to jump back on the wagon, there is certainly ample opportunity for him to do so. And as time goes by, and Downey has the opportunity to reflect on his time with Marvel Studios, he may get that itch yet again.


While the easiest option would be for him to show up in the Multiversal epic Avengers: Secret Wars, standing alongside other rumored Marvel heroes like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. But one smaller role for the actor has caught the eye of many.

There has been chatter that Downey would be back in the upcoming Armor Wars film, “[coming] back as an AI.” This move could make sense if the MCU vet did want to jump back in.

He could then continue to be a part of the universe, helping to usher in the next generation of Marvel without being as involved as getting in front of the camera as Tony Stark/Iron Man would entail.

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