5 Quotes From Loki Episode 2 That Must Have Hit The Chords

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In Loki so far,

The first episode of “Loki,” which premiered on Disney+ on June 9, ends with the intriguing reveal that the hooded killer who’s been going after the Time Variance Authority’s Minutemen and stockpiling their reset charges is actually also Loki — just a different version of him.

After the apocalyptic hurricane of “Loki” Episode 2, we know now that this other, murderously mischievous Loki is Lady Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino.

Nothing makes sense here, so we try to make sense out of it. Credit: Disney Hotstar

This episode particularly wasn’t as rich on dialogues as the first episode was. But, still, we could find pieces of Loki in the writing. Here are five best dialogues from the episode 2-


When the TVA peeps were discussing the kind of Loki they are unable to catch that’s when our show stellar jumps in and says-

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They are the lesser kind, to be clear

Then at the empty tent at a renaissance fair in 1980s Wisconsin, when Loki was stalling time to let the other Loki escape, he tells an Asgardian saying-

Where there are wolf’s ears, wolf’s teeth are near


It essentially means being aware of the surrounding, and indirectly asks TVA to not trust him blindly. Luckily, Mobius gets that.

Loki’s narcissistic self can be best seen through this dialogue. And, every narcissist would agree to this one-

You can trust one thing, I love to be right


Mobius aptly puts everything into this one line and how it’s only our one glorious purpose that keeps us motivated.

Existence is chaos. Nothing makes any sense, so we try to make some sense of it.

Life is grey and it can never be simple as black or white.

That no one bad is ever truly bad. And no one good is ever truly good.


New episodes of “Loki” are available for streaming on Disney+ on Wednesdays. Hoping it is power-packed with revelations and great dialogues.

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