6 Best Psychological Anime Of All Time

Every season we have a few rare anime that take you to a thought provoking journey, expanding your perception in the process. These animes are centered around philosophical debates and are character driven. Though the genre can be defined very broadly, here are a few anime we believed fit the criteria and are worth watching:

Death Note

6 Best Psychological Anime

This 37 episodes series will leave a mark on your psyche long after you have finished it. Everyone at some point in their life have dreamt about having superpowers. But what happens when your power is an odd one i.e. you can kill people by writing their names in a diary.

The anime forces you to contemplate right and wrong; about what is justice and morality. The anime is a battle of brains between two teenagers L and Light Yagami and is a must watch simply because of the never ending twists it presents.

Code Geass

6 Best Psychological Anime

Lelouch has a power where he can compel anyone to do his bidding just by a direct eye contact. He uses the power to stage a rebellion against the Britannian empire to create a lesser corrupt world. But even with the power things aren’t very easy as he is forced to make many tough decisions

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)

6 Best Psychological Anime

Written and illustrated by Kei Sanbe, Erased is a time traveling series. But all that glitters is not gold. When you have the power to change the past, it comes with consequences too. Erased is a riveting anime, and a must watch for fans who have always been fascinated by time travel.


6 Best Psychological Anime

If you had to choose between two lives, who would you choose? Monster is a story of a a very skilled surgeon who had to make similar decisions. The anime was released about twenty years back but it is still one of the most recommended series in the genre.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

6 Best Psychological Anime

Shinji Ikari is a pilot of the mecha Evangelion and is tasked with saving the Earth from aliens called ‘Angels’. It might look like a sci -fi series at first glance but the anime is all about character development. Aired in 1995, the psychological issues and complexities tackled by the anime is generally considered way ahead of its time.

Terror in Resonance

6 Best Psychological Anime

We have always believed that there is no ‘good terrorist’. The series forces you to question that belief. Nine and Twelve are the two terrorists who have attacked Tokyo city in order to wake the world. The anime is rare in the sense that it allows you to go through the emotions yourself instead of forcing it on you. A work of art that deserves to be in the list.

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