Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 65 Release Date and Spoilers!

Ayakashi Triangle

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 65 is about to get released soon, right after the previous chapter, Chapter 64, revealed the horrifying prospects of being controlled by your own Ayakashi power. This terrifying ability of Hinojiki, which allows him to devour life energy, turned on its own master. 

Since the plot is getting thicker and of course, all the more interesting, many fans must be waiting to pounce on this emerging manga. If you wish to know more details about Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 65, please let me know further.

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Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 65 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will get released on the 24th of October 2021. Viz Media and Weekly Shonen Jump haven’t announced any delays. Therefore, fans can get their momentary relief. 


Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 64 Recap

Here’s a brief recap of every single thing that took place in Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 64:

  • Hinojiki’s body starts contorting and signs of his discomfort and struggles are visible. 
  • Hinojiki warns his friends to run away from him as he realizes that the curse placed by Shadow Mei has started to take shape. 

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  • Out of a sudden, we see Hinojiki growing a huge mouth with scary-looking pair of teeth forming on the stomach part of his body. 
Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 64
Hinojiki gets overwhelmed
  • While initially, people assume that it’s his ability manifested, we realize that it’s the ability controlling him, not the other way round. 
  • One old man, in the proximity of the spectacle, calmly explains that Shadow Mei is responsible for this. 

Where To Read

You can read it from Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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