7 Female MCU Superheroes Ranked According To Their Powers

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7.) Rogue

Rogue’s mutant abilities allow her to absorb the energy of others through physical touch, giving her the memories, traits, and powers of the person she is in contact with.

This actually makes her potentially one of the strongest Marvel superheroes, depending on whose powers she is able to absorb at the time.

However, this power has the potential to turn lethal, with some of her victims rendered comatose due to her touch. This was a big part of Rogue’s characterization in X-Men (2000) where she was played by Anna Paquin.

6.) Storm

Storm is one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men roster and would be familiar to many thanks to Halle Berry’s long-term role as the character.

As her name suggests, Storm’s abilities allow her to control the weather and manipulate the natural elements. She can generate anything from lightning storms to tornadoes and blizzards.

Storm is yet to appear in the MCU, but with mutants on the way, she’ll be a force to be reckoned with when she arrives.

5.) She-Hulk

Tatiana Maslany brought Marvel’s female mean, green fighting machine to the screen in Disney+’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law in 2022.

Everyone knows that the Hulk is one of the strongest heroes on the Avengers roster, and She-Hulk is essentially a female version of the same character. She’s proved she has an equal amount of superhuman strength as her cousin, Bruce Banner, despite having less of his monstrous alter-ego.

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She-Hulk also gets points for her intelligence – something she retains in her Hulk form – which gets her out of sticky situations when working her day job as a lawyer.

4.) Jane Foster (The Mighty Thor)

Jane Foster was already an incredibly gifted physicist before she became The Mighty Thor.

Similar to She-Hulk, The Mighty Thor possesses all the powers of Thor, including strength, flight, and the ability to wield Mjolnir, which she can use to summon lightning.

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Natalie Portman portrayed Jane Foster in the first two Thor movies before picking up the hammer as Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder.

If Thor is in fact the “strongest Avenger” as he claims, this would, by default, make Jane Foster a top contender as well.

3.) Captain Marvel

After obliterating a battalion of Kree warships and taking a headbutt to the face from Thanos, all without breaking a sweat, there’s no doubt that Captain Marvel deserves a place at the top of this list.

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As was shown in her MCU origin story, led by Brie Larson, Carol Danvers received her powers from the Tesseract (aka the Space Stone) which gives her infinite cosmic powers of energy absorption and manipulation, along with abilities like flight and superhuman strength and endurance.

This has made Captain Marvel an all-mighty weapon for the Avengers but her powers may be tested in her next MCU adventure.

2.) Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Jean Grey is widely considered to be one of, if not the, strongest mutants amongst the X-Men.

She wields immense powers of telepathy and telekinesis and is connected to a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force, which is the nexus of all psionic energy. Sometimes, the Phoenix Force takes over Jean and turns her into the Dark Phoenix.

This has been seen in action in X-Men: The Last Stand, where Jean was played by Famke Janssen, and in Dark Phoenix, where Sophie Turner played a younger version of the character.

Classified as an Omega-level mutant, it’s not a surprise that Jean Gray is one of the best Marvel heroes.

1.) Scarlet Witch

As was seen in WandaVision, Wanda Maximoff has a pretty unsanctioned amount of power which, as seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, can be put to devastating use.

Scarlet Witch’s ability to use magic to manipulate reality and the minds of others is pretty much unmatched in the MCU. This was stepped up a level in WandaVision when Wanda learned she had destructive chaos magic and she fully embraced the moniker of the Scarlet Witch.

In Marvel comics, the Scarlet Witch is considered to be a nexus being, aka someone who has immense power within the Multiverse and can impact its timeline. This has been hinted at in the MCU for the character as well, making Scarlet Witch truly the strongest Marvel female superhero to date.

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