Agatha: Coven of Chaos will begaan in December

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and even the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will help Marvel Studios complete Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phase Four has created a lot of opportunities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future and even offered us some interesting new characters to follow over the coming few years. Agatha Harkness is one such figure (Kathryn Hahn). One of the few characters from Phase Four who will get their own spin-off series is Agatha Harkness, who will appear in Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

Although Hahn only recently stated that filming would start sometime in January, it appears that the series will really premiere in early December. The project will start filming in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 5th, according to Production List.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, two new Avengers films, will serve as the official conclusion to the new saga, the studio announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige appears to believe that the multiverse is safe in Jonathan Majors’ care. Feige said that the actor from Kang the Conqueror is perfect for this part during the same interview.

It might be a darker series that explores the darker magical nooks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or it might be a half-hour comedy like WandaVision. Perhaps the plot will go back in time to examine some of Agatha’s past.

According to some theories, Agatha might initially appear in Ironheart, which would create an intriguing connection between the two unrelated projects. This may potentially result in Mephisto appearing in the WandaVision spin-off, which would be ironic given how much he was linked to Elizabeth Olsen’s original MCU series.

It’s probably safe to assume that the series won’t premiere in 2023 since production won’t begin until December. Early 2024 would be a reasonable bet, though given how frequently the MCU’s release schedule changes, that assumption might easily prove to be incorrect.

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