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The News Fetcher Family:

Rajesh Kumar, Managing Editor.

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Rajesh is the Managing Editor at The News Fetcher, with an interest in Sci-fi movies, tec and history. He can either be found boasting about his super memory to colleagues or devouring Zinger boxed at KFC.


Harsha, Editor.

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Harsha is 24 years old and responsible for well-formed sentences on this site. She writes YouTube comments and spam people with her opinions in her free time. She wants to pet a dog and a human baby. Picking out mistakes is Harsha’s first love and momos come a close second. Outside of work, she’s either arguing or constantly mulling over the mysteries of life. Drop-in an email if you liked her stories, have something nice to say, or if you have compelling ideas to share.


Nandan Kumar, Editor-in-Chief.

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Nandan is the Talent Manager at The News Fetcher. He ravenously feasts on all things sweet and talks at length about the share market. This day-dreamer either fills himself with new business ideas every day or consumes a copious amount of Rick and Morty. There’s no in-between.


Beautlin Sam | Editor.

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Beautlin is an introvert who would rather type it out in paragraphs than utter a single word. She is either chasing around some interesting theory on Marvel/anime or wondering how to get out of meeting people.

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