AGBO Superhero League: Fantasy Football League


If you have been roaming the internet and saw Robert Downey Jr or Chris Hemsworth‘s trash-talking video, here’s what you need to know.

Yes, I know you had your eyes lit up, and learnt that something good was definitely happening. Here’s everything you need to know.

What the H is AGBO


AGBO superhero league is a fantasy football league found by the Russo Brothers to help raise money for charity. The winner of the league gets one million dollars, which they can give to any charity of their choice.

The lineup is impressive as all our favorite Avengers have assembled. Yeah, you heard that right. Every favorite Avenger of ours has come together, and guess what, Deadpool has finally joined the Avengers.

Tribute to the Legend

With a total of ten teams presided over by one Marvel superhero, the league is giving every marvel fan a reason to be happy. And as a way to honor the legend that is Chadwick Boseman, US $250,000 will be set aside as a scholarship in his name.

Avengers, assemble!

Portals Avengers Endgame

AGBO superhero league has a website where the fans can see their superhero teams and their rally of players. The lineup includes Team Hemsworth (the reigning champion), Team Reynolds (It’s Deadpool Y’all), Team Gillan (Nebula), Team Evans (Cap), Team Klementieff (Mantis), Team Olsen (Yeas!!), Team Berry.

Was that an Avengers Trailer?

Other five include Team Rudd (the vampire!), Team Downey Jr (Stop dancing!), Team Mackie (Cap vs. Sam, oh I would love to know the result), Team Pratt (our new girl dad), Team Russo, Team Holland (stop shrieking, people), Team Liu(okay now I am dead!).


I don’t know about you, but I just felt like I saw a trailer for an Avenger movie. Mann, it’s just awesome to see these people’s names come together.

The icing on the cake

And you know what the icing on this cake is, we get the trash-talking videos. Ryan Reynolds, who has been the trash-talking uncrowned king, will also join this year. The first thing for us to do is turn all these people’s Instagram notification on and follow AGBO on Instagram.

We solemnly Swear!

And I solemnly swear by Odin’s beard we will keep you updated on every trash-talking video and who is winning. As of now, RDJ has shared the video and given the go as “Let The Trash Talking Begin!”. And last year’s champ Chris Hemsworth has already released his trash-talking video, and it is hilarious.

If you haven’t watched it, I am so judging you right now! Go watch the video directly on Hemsworth’s page or in AGBO’s official account.

Now, we can ask 2020 to suck it, officially!

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