Amazing Things Doctor Octopus Has Done We Bet You Didn’t Know


Let’s kick it off with the obvious, shall we? He was a respected nuclear physicist, inventor, and lecturer. He was the youngest person to serve on the National Board of Nuclear Science and designed the set of highly advanced mechanical arms he’s known for as Doctor Octopus. And highly advanced isn’t overselling it.

For as clunky as they might look under some artists, those arms perform countless tasks with relative ease. Whether that’s purely due to Otto’s skill as an inventor or his own special brand of psychic power is anyone’s guess though. We don’t know if you would chalk it up to his being a telepath, technopath, or something else entirely, but Otto uses his own mind to control those tentacles.

Heck, there was a phase after his body started to die (from years of facing superhumans with a normal body) where he did a lot more than just control his tentacles with his head! Otto commanded an army of octobots, increased the number of his own tentacles, and worked tirelessly at keeping himself alive long enough to pull off one of his most insane attacks on the planet.

AMAZING THING DOC OCK HAS DONE NO. 1- Almost married Peter Parker’s Aunt



This happened in the issue Amazing Spider-Man no. 131, entitled ‘My Uncle….. My Enemy?!’

AMAZING THING DOC OCK HAS DONE NO. 2- Founded the Sinister Six


It was the first Amazing Spider-Man annual. In this issue, Spider-Man loses his powers for a while and then finds out that he has to face a team of his worst villains gaining upon him, each with the knowledge of the next location of where the next villain he faces is. And held in Doc Ock’s mansion at the time? Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson. It’s always nice to have your family and girlfriend at stake while facing deadly menaces fight you.




This happened fairly recently, so readers might remember this, or have read the issues in which this happened. The title under which Doc Ock was Spider-Man, ‘The Superior Spider-Man’, replaced the favorite ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ title. In short, it was found out that Doc Ock was terminally ill, so he needed a legacy. So he did some things to create a legacy, which was the ‘Ends Of The Earth’ storyline. Then, finally, while Doc Ock is resting, and pretty much dying, Spider-Man pays him a visit, and then Doc Ock successfully swaps consciousnesses (that’s the plural of consciousness) with Pete, thus starting his life anew and becoming the Superior Spider-Man, a force for good.

So yeah. Doc Ock? One of the best villains ever.

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