Beastars Season 2 Episode 4: Release Date and Plot Details

Beastars is a 2019 fantasy anime series based on the manga by Paru Itagaki. The series quickly rose to popularity for its impressive handling of many mature themes such as social diversity, racism, multiculturalism, and the complexity of human nature. 

Beastars Season 1 was released in October 2019 and finished airing in December 2019. With the much anticipated second season premiering on January 5, 2021, fans have actively been talking about the upcoming episodes as they are being released.

What is the Premise of the Plot?

The story revolves around a group of civilized anthropomorphic animals who inhabit a world where there is a strict cultural divide between carnivores and herbivores. The main protagonist is Legoshi, a 17-year-old wolf who falls in love with Haru, a small dwarf rabbit.

When Will Episode 4 of Beastars Season 2 Air?

Episode 4 is scheduled for release on January 28, 2021. This new release however will only be available on Netflix Japan.

Fans who are residing outside Japan will have to wait until July 2021. Meanwhile, you can watch all of Season 1 on Netflix.

What Will Beastars Season 2 Episode 4 be About?

In Episode 3, we see that Louis kills the leader of the Shishigumi, Chief Lion to avenge Haru.  Louis starts working with the Shishigumi as suggested by Ibuki who wants him to be their leader. At the initiation ceremony, he is forced to eat meat to show his authority.


Also, a new member joins their drama club and introduces himself as Pina, the Dall sheep. Other members are surprised by his self assured and confident manner.

In regards to the relationship between Legoshi and Haru, Episode 3 has quite some drama. After having a talk with his club members about his relationship with Haru, Legoshi asks Haru if she still likes Louis.

When Haru doesn’t answer anything, he tells her that he will maintain a distance and protect her from afar.

Episode 4 may finally show Haru coming clean to Legoshi about Louis. We can also expect to see Louis getting more power and strengthening his authority over the Shishigumi.


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