Berserk: Why Griffith’s Feelings For Guts Are Borderline Romantic


The relationship between Griffith and Guts has been one of the prime things that kept the viewers engaged with the Berserk series. However, some fans believe that the antagonist has been borderline obsessed with Guts since their first meeting.

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Here is everything you need to know about Griffith’s feelings for Guts.


Griffith claims Guts as ‘his’

Berserk begins with Guts fighting in his lone-wolf ways. However, his personality started to shift when he met the charismatic leader of the Band of the Hawk, Griffith.

Besides that, the two were engaged in a semi-friendly duel following their first meeting. Moreover, the fight ended with Griffith’s victory as he recruited Guts into his mercenary band.

Meanwhile, a bewildering Guts could not find it in himself to decline the offer. However, later he realized that the White Hawk always manages to get what he wants.

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Griffith declares Guts to be his ultimate frenemy

Griffith saw Guts as both his powerful asset and his ultimate enemy after being impressed by the lone swordsman’s badass personality and his incredible combat skills.

Furthermore, he also explained that while Guts is friends, he is also the ultimate threat that he needs to overcome.


Griffith felt betrayed when Guts left the Band of the Hawk

In the Golden Age story arc of Berserk, Guts revealed his plans to leave Griffith’s mercenary band. He declared that he is departing from the group to find his destiny elsewhere, alone.

However, the leader reacted badly to his revelation and challenged him to another duel. But, this time Guts defeats Griffith and leaves the group.

Regardless, Griffith feels invalidated over his departure as he desperately needed Guts to always be beside him.

Additionally, it is believed that Guts’ departure is what drove Griffith to take drastic steps to seek his ultimate goal.

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