Five Darkest Anime Powers

Here is everything you need to know about the five darkest anime powers.

Shigaraki’s Decay (My Hero Academia)Shigaraki's Decay (My Hero Academia)

In My Hero Academia, Shigaraki’s Decay is a terrifyingly powerful Quirk that resulted in his itchy skin condition and gave him an insatiable desire to destroy everything. He can decay anything by touching it.

This includes everything from a small surface to an entire town and all of its inhabitants. Though Shigaraki wanted to be a hero as a kid, his Quirk guaranteed him a life of isolation and villainy. He was never meant to be a hero, despite his childhood aspirations.

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Muzan Kibutsuji’s Blood (Demon Slayer)Muzan Kibutsuji's Blood (Demon Slayer)

Most demons in Demon Slayer have pretty scary and nasty powers, such as Enmu’s ability to kill people in their sleep and Gyutaro’s deadly poison. Overall, however, Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King, has the darkest power of all: the ability to turn any human into a demon.

This is dark because Muzan can permanently rob a person of their humanity, literally and otherwise, and ruin their lives with a single strike. Plenty of people approach Muzan to become a demon on purpose, but there was also that time Muzan scratched a man in Tokyo and turned him into a monster in seconds, ruining that man’s family with chilling ease.

Killua’s Heart Harvesting (Hunter X Hunter)Killua's Heart Harvesting (Hunter X Hunter)

In Hunter X Hunter, Killua came from a family of assassins. It’s not surprising that he’s gifted in barbaric fighting methods. Still, his heart harvesting is particularly jarring.

Killua can twitch his knuckles and remotely rip out someone else’s heart before they can even understand what happened to them. Killua doesn’t like resorting to such brutal methods. But definitely will if his friends are in danger or if the villain can’t be taken out with his other Nen abilities.

Angel Devil’s Life-Shortening Touch (Chainsaw Man)Angel Devil's Life-Shortening Touch (Chainsaw Man)

In Chainsaw Man, the Angel Devil can shorten someone’s lifespan by touching them. Even a brief touch is enough to take a significant chunk of someone’s lifespan away. When Aki quickly grabbed Angel’s hand and it was estimated that two months of Aki’s life were cut short just from that interaction alone.

The Angel Devil can turn stolen lifespans into weapons. However, he can’t use it often because he’s plagued by nightmares of the people whose lives he’s shortened.

Writing In The Death Note (Death Note)

The Death Notes are supernatural notebooks from the Shinigami realm. Anyone who writes a name in a Death Note will kill the intended target if they do it right. The user can even dictate the terms of their victim’s death.

Death Note protagonist Light Yagami used his notebook in darker and darker ways, including betraying the people who trusted him. Anyone else could also use these notebooks to get ahead or kill people they don’t like.

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