Best Anime Silent Protagonists

Here is everything you need to know about the best anime silent protagonists.

Shoko Nishimiya (A Silent Voice)Shoko Nishimiya (A Silent Voice)

A Silent Voice is an emotional and heartfelt film featuring the struggles of Shoko Nishimiya. She is a young deaf girl who faces many hardships throughout her life due to her disability. During her childhood, she was relentlessly bullied by the male protagonist, Shoya Ishida.

Despite his cruelty toward her during those early years, when Shoko and Shoya reunite in high school. She’s more than ready to forgive him for his actions and even still wants to be his friend. Her kindness and understanding not only show her strength but also help Shoya work through his regret and finally come to terms with the past and forgive himself.

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Nicolas Brown (Gangsta)Nicolas Brown (Gangsta)

Nicolas Brown and Nina from the anime Gangsta. Nicolas is telling another character he is deaf. Nicolas Brown is one of the main protagonists in the series Gangsta, acting as a “handyman” for the mob. Due to his deafness, Nicolas often keeps to himself, and he rarely communicates with others.When he does, he mostly speaks through sign language. He can verbally communicate as well, though he normally chooses not to.Though he’s intimidating and quick to anger, Nicolas is an all-around likable guy, and he means well at heart.

Shoko Komi (Komi Can’t Communicate)Shoko Komi (Komi Can't Communicate)

As the title suggests, Komi Can’t Communicate’s titular heroine struggles to communicate with others. Due to severe social anxiety, Shoko Komi has spent most of her life detached from those around her.

So when she enters high school, Komi sets a goal for herself, aiming to make 100 friends in her time there. She makes her first friend in Hitohito Tadano. Together, they work to slowly overcome Komi’s fears and help her open up to others. She’s beautiful, funny, and relatable for many fans, making her the ultimate best girl.

Akira Oono (Hi-Score Girl)Akira Oono (Hi-Score Girl)

Akira Oono is the female protagonist of the series Hi-Score Girl and the rival of the lead male, Haruo Yaguchi. With her prestigious upbringing, Akira excels at whatever she does. However, her real passion lies with gaming, and she’d much rather spend all day at the arcade.

Throughout the entire series, Akira never utters a single word. Which often leaves Haruo to guess what she might be thinking. Though she never speaks, she’s still full of personality in her many expressions and gestures.

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Hyakkimaru (Dororo)Hyakkimaru (Dororo)

Hyakkimaru is the main protagonist of the iconic dark fantasy series Dororo. After his father sacrifices him at birth to demons, Hyakkimaru is cursed and his body is stolen from him. Due to this curse, Hyakkimaru has no skin, eyes, ears, nose, or limbs.

With his body left incomplete, he grows up deaf, blind, and mute. But he has the ability to sense souls and uses this power to navigate the world around him and interact with others. When he comes of age, Hyakkimaru sets out on a quest to slay the demons who stole his body and regain his missing parts.

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