Best Things About My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki

Here is everything you need to know about the best thing about My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki.

Shoto Todoroki Has An Extremely Powerful QuirkShoto Todoroki Has An Extremely Powerful Quirk

Though Todoroki may not have initially accepted half of it, his quirk is exceptional even among his peers. Having both the powers of fire and ice makes him an incredibly versatile combatant.

With his quirk, Todoroki can use both long-range and close-range attacks. He can easily regulate his temperature thanks to his two opposing temperaments. Todoroki can even combine his fire and ice to create an extremely powerful explosion to take out his enemies.

Shoto Todoroki’s Character Design Reflects His Inner TurmoilShoto Todoroki's Character Design Reflects His Inner Turmoil

Shoto Todoroki has one of the most interesting character designs in the entire series. He is split in the middle, the side with his fire is a striking red and the side with his ice is a crisp white. He also has heterochromia, his left eye a vibrant turquoise, and his right a muted gray.

Todoroki’s design also gives insight into his struggles. Like his physical scar, he holds pain from both the quirk and the legacy he inherited from his father. His feelings on heroism are similarly split in half.

Shoto Todoroki’s Growth Is AdmirableShoto Todoroki's Growth Is Admirable

Todoroki has come a long way since the Sports Festival. He went from being cold and distant to being more open with his classmates. He’s let himself be less serious and stern with people.

Todoroki has also grown with his quirk and personal beliefs. Recently, Todoroki has stopped viewing himself as split in two. He’s begun trying to combine the two sides of his quirk to make one move. His progress with his quirk mirrors his progress with himself.

Shoto Todoroki Is Willing To Connect With The People Who Have Hurt HimShoto Todoroki Is Willing To Connect With The People Who Have Hurt Him

One of Todoroki’s best traits is his ability to forgive. So many people in Todoroki’s life have hurt him in very personal ways. Yet, he still manages to extend compassion to them.

Todoroki is even able to hear out his father, who has arguably hurt him the most. Though he started as hurt and bitter, he has slowly come around to become a more compassionate person. He has already forgiven his mother for hurting him. He is willing to try to save his villainous brother despite all the things he has done to hurt Shoto.

Shoto Todoroki’s Struggles Are RelatableShoto Todoroki's Struggles Are Relatable

Despite being a super-powered hero-in-training, Todoroki is very relatable to many audience members. The struggles with his family, fantastical they may be, are rooted in real issues many people face.

Todoroki’s flaws, his bitterness, and his fears can be understood by anyone watching the series. Viewers from all walks of life can feel the lessons he goes through. He stands as not just a relatable person but as an inspiration for anyone going through hard times or who has dealt with familial abuse.

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