Spy X Family Episode 6 Release Date, Preview, and Other Details

Spy X Family Episode 5

Spy X Family is one of the most popular animes right now. Episode 6 offers comedy combined with anticipation. Read this article to find out everything about Spy X Family Episode 6!

About The Spy X Family Anime

Tatsuya Endo’s Spy X Family is a Japanese manga series that he wrote and illustrated. The narrative centers around a spy who is compelled to “build a family” in order to perform a duty, not realizing that both the girl he adopts as a daughter and the lady he agrees to be in a sham marriage with are mind readers and assassins.

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In December 2019, Brutus magazine included the series on their “Most Dangerous Manga” list, which covers works with the most thought-provoking themes.


Recap of Spy X Family Episode 5

Since Episode 6 is not out yet, we can go over Episode 5 quickly. The main highlight was celebrating Anya’s school admission news. Initially, the Forgers were very anxious regarding Anya’s school admission. But they could not find Anya’s name on the list so they were dejected.

Spy X Family Episode 6

But the Principal reassured them that it was that Anya was first on the waiting list so there was a high chance of her getting admitted. Then eventually Anya did get admission. Loid’s good friend comes to celebrate this occasion. She asks if they can play a game in which they are spies and heroes.

Spy X Family Episode 6


Loid had a jet, agents, and a castle dedicated just to her needs, which was both entertaining and fascinating. A small skirmish between Loid and an intoxicated Yor was also included in this episode.

Spoilers and Preview for Spy X Family Episode 6

Spy Family X Episode 6’s title is Operation Buddy-Buddy. Official spoilers are not out yet but we can expect some drama and a lot of fun!

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Spy X Family Episode 6 Release Date

Spy x Family Episode 6 will premiere on the 14th of May, 2022. Every new episode of Spy X Family gets released on a Saturday after a gap of around 7 days. The release timings of the upcoming episode will be as follows:

  • Eastern Time (EDT)- 11:30 AM
  • British Time (BST) – 4:30 AM
  • Pacific Time (PDT)- 08:30 AM
  • European Time (CEST)– 5:30 PM
  • India Time (IST) – 9:00 PM

Where To Watch

Netflix announced that the Spy x Family anime would be available in some Asian regions, whereas Muse Asia will be streaming it on Southeast and South Asia. Fans from countries outside these regions may subscribe to Crunchyroll for $9.99 per month. Spy x Family fans will be happy to know that they will get access to the site’s manga and anime collections, as well as ad-free shows and offline streaming.

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