Bleach: How did Orihime Inoue’s Brother Become a Hollow?

Bleach Acidwire

Orihime Inoue and her brother, Sora Inoue stayed happily together for nine years after they ran away from their abusive parents. However, Sora passed away in a tragic accident, and this tragic incident has had a deep impact on Orihime’s character and subsequently, on the Bleach anime. 

Let’s take a look at the complex emotions of grieving and remembrance that led to Sora Inoue’s eventual Hollowfication.

Death and Seeking Remembrance from Loved Ones

After he died, he still looked forward to listening to Orihime praying for him as it reassured him that he wasn’t forgotten. But with time, she started developing other friendships like those with Tatsuki. She also got a huge crush on Ichigo.

Sora Inoue when he was a human
Sora Inoue when he was a human

Thus, she started praying more frequently for her new friends and praying less for her demised brother. He was well aware that Orihime didn’t want him to worry, so and that’s why she stopped praying for him. But, for him, he wanted her to continue praying and telling him about her life. 

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Therefore, when she stopped, he felt betrayed, lonely, and resentful and that’s how he became a Hollow. His Hollow form is called Acidwire. His love for his sister has been tainted by his resentment and rage in his Hollow form. 

Ichigo Kurosaki VS Acidwire
Ichigo Kurosaki VS Acidwire


All his actions have become selfish and that’s why he’s willing to even injure Tatsuki and Ichigo to take Orihime away. He planned to convince Orihime to join him in the afterlife so that they could live together like they used to. 

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But, when Orihime refuses to follow him, he starts becoming violent and tries to eat Orihime’s soul because he doesn’t want anyone to have her according to his twisted reasoning. His Hollow form clouds his reasoning and convinces him that Ichigo and Tatsuki are getting in the way of him having a reunion with his sister. 

Acidwire (Sora's Hollow form) attacking Orihime
Acidwire (Sora’s Hollow form) attacking Orihime

How does Sora Inoue Find Peace?

In Sora Inoue’s lethal attack against Ichigo, Orihime gets in between them and gets fatally injured. Though injured, Orihime tearfully apologises to him for the mess. She then tells him that she told him about all her friends who were making her happy because she didn’t want him to be sad. 

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She wanted her brother to know that she was doing perfectly fine and he needn’t worry about her. Ichigo also tells him that Orihime has been wearing the hairpins he bought for her every day after he passed away as an act of remembering her brother. 

Orihime embracing her brother
Orihime embracing her brother

At this revelation, Sora Inoue breaks his Hollow mask, revealing his face and realises his mistake. Then, he voluntarily purifies himself with the Zanpakuto by stabbing it into his forehead while having an emotional farewell. 

This story tells a heartbreaking tale of grief and death and how anger and loneliness can take one along a dark path. This is emblematic of how Bleach anime tackles a lot of philosophical themes with great precision and sensitivity.


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