Blue Lock Chapter 150 Release Date and Raw Scans!

Blue Lock Chapter 173

Blue Lock Chapter 150 was delayed by approximately two weeks and when it came out some days back, fans couldn’t stop devouring it! It explored the aftermath of the intense battle between Japan U-20 and Blue Lock, with the latter emerging as the winner.

While old rivalries get resolved, Rin has to face new opponents who threaten his need to be a hero. Here’s everything you need to know about Blue Lock Chapter 150.

Blue Lock Chapter 150 Release Date

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The upcoming Blue Lock chapter will be released on the 1st of November 2021. After a horribly long wait, there won’t be any delays for the next chapter.

Blue Lock Chapter 149 Recap

Rensuke Kunigami has returned after a lengthy absence, and we may get to watch his voyage in Blue Lock Chapter 150. Since the war with the Japan U-20 ended, Isagi and Rin Itoshi have begun a new battle within the Blue Lock team. 

Blue Lock

Both of them have performed admirably, and it is due to their efforts that Blue Lock could win such a difficult war.  The name of the Blue Lock members has come to the notice of top bidders all over the world after their admirable match against the Japan U-20 squad. New offers and new biddings might be arriving on the way for Blue Team.

For the very first time their teacher, Ego, congratulated them since the commencement of the Blue Lock project. A banquet was also planned for them to celebrate their victory, and all of them, with the exception of one, appear to be very pleased with themselves.

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Rin went through the unbearable realization that he won’t be able to be the player he wants to become. Although he was at his best, he couldn’t score the game-winning goal and become well-known as the hero he desired.

Isagi Blue Lock

Until now, his own older brother Sae had been the one he was fighting against. Rin was out for vengeance, to prove his worth. He has now moved his gaze from Sae to Isagi after effectively defeating his brother in a one-on-one duel. Will his quest for vengeance ever stop?

Blue Lock Chapter 150 Spoilers!

The raw scans of the upcoming chapter aren’t out but we can discuss the spoilers and speculate on the possible trajectories. The next chapter might explore the new rivalries getting formed between Isagi and Rin and how personal goals might threaten the future of Blue Lock. 

Many Blue Lock players have got immense international attention from football clubs all over the world and their doors to the larger football world have opened.

Where To Read

You can read the official version of Blue Lock on the Kodansha US website.


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