Edens Zero Chapter 167 Release Date And Spoilers

Edens Zero

After this week’s devastatingly heavy chapter, many fans are curious about the direction Mashima will decide to spin the manga toward. We just lost a very important character so the stakes are definitely higher now and things are certainly not going to be the same anymore.

One thing is for sure though- despite some setbacks, this arc can now be confirmed as one of the best in the series as it had a lot of unforgettable peak moments, one of them being Witch’s death.

Mashima seriously handled this chapter well with great nuance and emotional impact. Our only complaint is that it feels like the arc is approaching its end soon. To find out more about Edens Zero Chapter 167, head down below!

Edens Zero Chapter 167 Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter 167, titled ‘With the Proof of Having Lived’ is scheduled to release on Wednesday, November 10th, 2021.

Recap of Edens Zero Chapter 166

It is no exaggeration to say the previous chapter left all of us distraught. Many fans did speculate way before that Witch could die in this arc but then, it also seemed like Mashima teased us with that possibility and constantly pulled back each time. Well, it finally happened in Chapter 166 and this chapter has to be cemented as one of the saddest of the series.

As the Edens Zero Crew freak out over how they’d possibly escape Nero 66’s explosion, Witch steps up and decides to protect the ship.

Edens Zero Chapter 167

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Meanwhile, Ijuna and Shura come face to face and we get a resolution of sorts. Shura questions why Ijuna didn’t leave with Callum and the others despite knowing that the planet would explode in some minutes.

He then concludes that she’d come to kill him off but things take a turn as Ijuna embraces Shura and confesses that just as Shura feels something akin to love for her, so does she too. And then, both of them get eviscerated.

Edens Zero Chapter 167

The point is perhaps to show that deep down, Shura still has human compassion, although some fans think that this conclusion to Shura and Ijuna’s story does feel a tad off as it wasn’t a complete redemption arc either. Make of that what you will.

Now, back to the scene with Witch. As the explosion occurs, she puts a whole shield around the Edens Zero ship. But it’s too large and at such an immense scale that there’s no way she won’t suffer maximum physical brunt from the sheer effort.

There’s a flashback scene too where Valkyrie is also present and we get to see everyone dote over baby Shiki. As playful banter goes around, with a little dash of comedy inserted with Hermit and Ziggy, there’s a meaningful moment where Witch promises to a laughing baby Shiki that no matter what happens, she’d always be there to protect him.

That flashback scene was just the perfect addition to induce emotional waterworks from readers. As an enraged Shiki in tears shout and demand that Witch better not die and that it’s an order, she addresses all the crew members saying she’s happy to have met all of them and to continue their journey no matter how hard by extending each other love and help as they are all family.

Edens Zero Chapter 167

What Can We Expect From Edens Zero Chapter 167? 

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In Chapter 167, we can pretty much expect Shiki to go berserk in the aftermath of Witch’s death. The last panel of the previous chapter also showed a devastated looking Shiki.

Edens Zero

The last chapter truly proves that this battle was nobody’s win as too many suffered. So in the next chapter and the others that follow, we can expect to see the extent of damage that has been exacted in terms of both emotional and physical loss and the state of Aoi Cosmos.

Where to Read Edens Zero Chapter 167 Online? 

You can read the latest chapter and the rest of the series on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.

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