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Boruto Episode 227 Release Date And Spoilers


Episode 226 mostly featured the match between Tsubaki and Denki. It showcased an interesting battle between a samurai with a sword and a less conventional fighting style. Ultimately, Denki took home the win and proved the potential that scientific ninja tools have. With theirs being the final match, the Chunin Exams are now over. What’s in store next for Boruto Episode 227? Below you’ll find everything we know about the upcoming episode so read on.

Boruto Episode 227 Release Date

As per its weekly schedule, Boruto Episode 227 is scheduled to release on Sunday, December 5th, 2021.

Recap of Boruto Episode 226

In Episode 226, because both Boruto and Mitsuki are absent, they are announced as failed contestants. Meanwhile, Tsubaki and Denki are each shown to be determined to win the fight. Sarada scolds Boruto and Mitsuki for not having arrived in time and Boruto explains that it’s a long story but that they were preventing a threat to the village.

Boruto Episode 227


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Then, the next scene cuts to the fight between Tsubaki and Denki. The audience is surprised at Denki who shows up equipped with scientific ninja tools and Naruto states that this is going to be an interesting battle to watch. Tsubaki tells Denki that she expected him to show up with a scientific ninja tool. Denki replies that it’s not going to be an easy fight but he’s willing to risk it saying he will never know until he gives it a try.

Tsubaki is very quick as she makes the first move to attack. But Denki manages to dodge all her attacks. She compliments him but says that he can’t defeat her if he only keeps dodging. It is here that Denki goes in for a swift unexpected attack. Tsubaki then says she owes him an apology for having underestimated him. But she also says that she will surely win if she can destroy the scientific ninja tool Denki is clad in.

As the fight goes on, the audience starts to believe that Denki may have a chance at winning over Tsubaki. Sarada comments that Denki’s moves are too accurate and Mitsuki says that it’s like Denki is predicting Tsubaki’s movements. As Denki hurls a huge fireball in Tsubaki’s way, she manages to cut the fire. Tsubaki turns the table as she breaks Denki’s glasses, called motion sensor.


Boruto Episode 227

Tsubaki realized that Denki was using the device to analyze her movements and make predictions. After this, Denki’s movements are too uncoordinated and smoke even comes out of his gear. Tsubaki says that he won’t be able to defeat her like that. But turns out Denki has a trump card up his sleeve as he attacks her with Lightning Style using his final chakra. With this, Denki knocks her out and he is declared as the winner of the match.

Metal Lee and Iwabee rejoice and praise Denki saying he is the pride of Team 5. Professor Katasuke also cries happy tears at Denki’s win as Denki has successfully shown the potential of scientific ninja tools and Katasuke also knows how much effort Denki put in making his own equipment. Tsubaki gladly accepts her loss and now sees Denki as a worthy opponent. She decides that she’ll continue improving her skills in the village and become a Chunin next time.

She tells Wasabi and Namida that she’ll ask her nation to let her stay and the other two happily hug Tsubaki at this news. While everyone is having a celebration eating out post the Chunin Exams, the episode ends with Boruto and Mitsuki planning to go ahead with the match they missed out on earlier. They both promise to give it their best to see who is stronger between them.


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Boruto Episode 227

What Can We Expect From Boruto Episode 227?

Boruto Episode 227

The title of the upcoming episode is “Team 7’s Last Mission”. The preview shows Naruto telling Sai and Shikamaru about a message they got from Konohamaru who is currently on a mission. Naruto wishes to send reinforcements. Sarada makes a suggestion to Boruto and Mitsuki that they can coordinate and link up smoothly with Konohamaru.


She asks Naruto to assign the mission to Team 7. We see an image of Konohamaru being captured so we can expect that Team 7 will have a hand in rescuing him from whatever situation he’s trapped in.

Where to Watch Boruto Episode 227 Online? 

You can stream the series on sites such as Crunchyroll and AnimeLab. It is also available on Funimation.

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