6 Marvel Villains Spider-Man Never Fought

Spider-Man faced off against some of Marvel’s fiercest enemies. But he didn’t go against these villains.

Nevertheless, he is a brilliant Arachnid man. Even though he has been around for more than half a century, there are still some villains that Spidey can’t handle. Some of them from his native New York City. Here are six Marvel villains that Spider-Man never fought. 

6) Porcupine

A villain who wore battle armour with a tail that shot spikes? This is practically up the Web-Slinger’s alley. Right up there with other armoured criminals like the Rhino and the Vulture. Yet, this animal-named bad guy stayed away from Spidey.

He first appeared in Tales to Astonish, and he was a source of annoyance to the original Ant-Man and the Wasp. Later, was hired to join Doctor Doom to interrupt marriage of Reed Richards to Susan Storm. His later foes include the X-Men, Captain America and Iron Man. Things might have been different if they had encountered Spidey. Maybe the wall-crawler could turn him into something good. 

5) Blackwing

Here’s an example of a villain Big Apple counterpart Dare Devil tackled. Joseph Manfredi, who entered the Marvel universe in 1975, is the child of Silvermane. Daredevil, who was formerly an animal trainer for the Circus of Crime, defeated him later when he worked for HYDRA.

Looks like batman?

Blackwing collaborated with Spider-Man’s primary rival, Jack O’Lantern. Still, there was never a moment when Spidey met this man who was an expert trainer of mutant bats. Instead, Batwing fought against Captain America and the Falcon. Who knows how the war between bats and spiders would have turned? 

4) Metal Master

Spider-Man has not fought many aliens during his tenure as a superhero. This is the reason he never encountered the Metal Master. Had he met this manipulator of all things metal, Spidey would have reached other Earth-616 heroes.

The Hulk is one of those guys who tends to draw aliens into his zone. He did so with the Metal Master in the sixth issue of his comic book. At this point in the series, 1963, Green Goliath had witchcraft of intelligence so he could defeat the Metal Master by threatening him with a plastic gun. Come to think of it; this is what Spidey would have probably thought too. 

3) Count Nefaria

We’re not sure if Spider-Man’s encounter with Count Nefaria would be excellent. Wall-Crawler could easily have defeated him when he was introduced to the Avengers with above-average intelligence. It would have been a battle of wisdom between Nefaria and Peter. 

However, with the combined powers of the Living Laser, Tornado and Power Man, Spidey is outmatched. With an increase in his alert abilities, he still would not have been able to defeat the Super-Strength Nefaria in his immortal form. Better to leave it to Avengers and X-Men.

2) Galactus

Although Spidey was part of a group of heroes who fought against Galactus, he never fought the Almighty Space God one-on-one. 

We think the fight between Galactus and the Spidey would be extremely one-sided. Face it, Peter is smart, but he’s not intelligent like Reed Richards. In other words, he probably doesn’t have the knowledge to produce the Ultimate Nullifier. The only way he can defeat Galactus is to drown him with corny humour.

1) The Mandarin

Mandarin has been a thorn in Tony Stark’s eyes for decades. He can be equated with Kingpin in his criminal powers. The main difference is that Kingpin wants to rule New York City. Mandarin wants to… dare we say… rule the world. 

The thing is, Spider-Man is used to being global conquerors. He’s probably taken a lot of the time to be a hero, as he and Iron Man have a way of pushing Mandarin down a peg or two before they pair up to knock 


Actors Tom Holland And Jake Gyllenhaal Give Husband Goals On Social Media

Tom And Jake, And The Former’s Social Media Post:

There was a new social media post surrounding actors Tom And Jake. Actor Tom Holland, also known as the new Spider-Man, had a special birthday wish for someone. And this someone was none other than his Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star, Actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Holland took to his Instagram account to wish Gyllenhaal in a rather unique tongue-in-cheek sort of away.

The 23-year old actor shared a photograph of himself and Gyllenhaal. The latter, who had his birthday on December 19th, turns 39 years old this year.

Why Was This Post So Unique?

In the photograph, Tom And Jake can be seen snuggling up on a couch during their press tour to promote the superhero sequel. Furthermore, Holland writes, “He’s the Mysterio to my Spider-Man. Happy birthday, mate. #husbandgoals.”


This was followed by Gyllenhaal reposting the same photograph on his Instagram. This time, the actor wrote, “Thanks homie! #husbandgoals.”

In addition to being a very sweet and unique way of wishing a happy birthday, the post also goes on to show the great friendship between Tom And Jake.

The On-Screen Chemistry Between Tom And Jake:

Both Tom & Jake have great on-screen chemistry. This is evident from their scenes together in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Additionally, this bromance has also won millions of hearts around the world. Not just that, the two have also publicly shared their respect and admiration for each other a lot of times through social media posts.

What’s In The Future For Tom & Gyllenhaal?

Despite the great admiration, Spider-Man: Far From Home is the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Additionally, it is also the twenty-third film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Jon Watts as the director, Far From Home also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya and Cobie Smulders, along with Tom & Gyllenhaal.

Along with them, we also see Jon Favreau, J.B. Smoove, Jacob Batalon, Marisa Tomei and Martin Starr. Furthermore, the film went on to gross over $1.1 billion worldwide. It also became the first Spider-Man film to pass the billion-dollar mark. A sequel to Far From Home is set to hit theatres on July 16th, 2021.

Doctor Strange Spider-man

Did Benedict Cumberbatch Ignore Tom Holland?

The Strange Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland Incident:

Not many know that a strange yet silly incident took place between actors Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland.

According to reports, Tom Holland was once blacked by the lead of Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch. In the latter’s defense, he actually mistook Holland for one of his loyal fans.

This Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland incident was confirmed by the Doctor Strange star. Cumberbatch recently confessed in an interview about blanking the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor after mistaking him for one of his loyal supporters.

The Benedict Cumberbatch Interview:

In his interview about what happened between Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland, the former said that he was filming for Sherlock during that time. They were filming on a bridge and he was running when he heard a guy scream “Benedict, Benedict!”

Subsequently, the actor thought that it was a fan. And so, Benedict kept walking back to his start mark.

Soon after, the supposed fan said, “Benedict, it’s Tom!” Hearing this, the Doctor Strange actor says, “Tom?” But it actually was Tom Holland, who was returning home in an Uber from the premiere of Captain America: Civil War.

Benedict Cumberbatch And His Reaction To The Devotion Of His Fans:

The 40-year old star, has, on many occasions, said that the devotion and support of his fans towards his are overwhelming and humbling. He also speaks of something that happened in the past. He says:

“I came out and saw this huge line of people and said, ‘Is that for some event?’ And they said, ‘No, it’s for what you’re doing tomorrow”.

“I was like, ‘How long have they been there? What? All-day? In this heat? Have they got water?’ And they said, ‘Yeah some of them have, some of them haven’t?’ ‘Are they going to be on the street tonight? Can I go and talk to them?”

“There were furtive looks between the security [and they said] ‘We can make that happen if you really want to.’ And I said ‘Hell I do.”

“I want to meet the people who make this possible because it’s all about them and their enthusiasm and their devotion, it’s overwhelming and utterly humbling, whether they’ve come from miles [away] or put all that effort into cosplay, it’s really inspiring and humbling and reminds you what it’s all about.”

In saying so, the incident between Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland was definitely quite funny. However, it also shows a different side of the Doctor Strange actor.


Far From Homes’ Allegedly Best Scene Went Under Editing Knife?

Spider-Man Scenes From The Movie Spider-Man: Far From Home:

Marvel has cut what could be the most classic of all Spider-Man Scenes from the MCU Spider-Man: Far From Home. In comparison to any measure, the Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a phenomenal success. Moreover, Tom Holland as Spidey successfully captures the character of young Peter Parker. By doing so, fans also consider him to be the definitive big-screen version of Spider-Man.

Furthermore, the whole “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man” is also not the case anymore. As Nick Fury humorously points in the film, Peter has now been to space as well. Over the course of the five MCU Spider-Man movies, Spidey makes his in Germany. He also goes to the planet Titan and participates in an all-out war against Thanos. He then goes on a European vacation as well. Additionally, Spider-Man: Homecoming also features a field trip to Washington DC. Safe to say, Spidey is surely keeping busy!

The Best Of All Spider-Man Scenes

When looking back at all of these things, there is one thing that is disappointing. It is the classic sequence that Marvel chose to edit. This is one of the Spider-Man Scenes where we see Spidey grounded in his day-to-day life. Additionally, it also showcases his relationship with New York.

Director Jon Watts dubs this scene as “Peter’s To-Do List.” In it, we see Peter Parker getting ready for his European vacation. He visits Delmar’s to get a dual headphone adaptor in addition to a European travel plug. And to get money for his trip, he sells his Star Wars toys at a pawn shop. Then, he picks up his passport and takes down a crime syndicate too. The last part provides makers with an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the Iron Spider suit. Moreover, it gives Spider-Man a chance to banter with the police.

The Reason It Is One Of The Most Classic Scenes

This is one of the most classic Spider-Man Scenes, which balances out his personal life with his superhero responsibilities. It shows him struggling to make ends meet financially. Also, it provides an opportunity to show his capabilities as the Iron Spider. This is special because these capabilities have not been displayed on the screens as of now.

And even though Marvel cut these scenes, it restores them in Far From Home’s extended cut version. This is because they know that these scenes will be popular. More so, because they prominently feature these in the film’s trailers.

This is amongst those Spider-Man Scenes that give Spider a prominent role in the wider MCU. And by doing so, they change the character completely, and quite successfully at that. He is no longer just “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.” Instead, he has morphed into a hero who operates on a completely different level.



Concept Art of Spider-Man Shows The Detailed Look of New Web Shooter

The New Spider-Man: Far From Home Suit

We recently got to see the new Spider-Man: Far From Home Suit. Ryan Meinerding, the head of the Visual Department at Marvel Studios, is the one behind the reveal. It is due to him that we now have an in-depth look at Peter Parker’s updated web-shooters. This look and the new web-shooters are also evident in the film Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The artist writes about his work. He says, “Here are a few of my final design images of the Spider-Man: Far From Home Suit.” He also says that he is always honored to work on Spider-Man. According to the artist, working on the suit was an incredible experience for him.

The new design of Spider-Man Suit

There is an interesting story behind the creation of Spidey’s new web-shooters. He creates these using Tony Stark’s leftover technology. He creates the new web-shooters while preparing for his final showdown with Mysterio. In comparison to the previous design of the web-shooters, this one is quite different.

For the new web-shooters, Peter seems to have gone for a more compact and minimal design. Moreover, he incorporates the shooters into the shoot itself. Subsequently, doing this gives the entirely new design of Spider-Man Suit a more streamlined look.

Spider-man Venom

Venom Director Says Spider-Man and Venom Will Meet Each Other Soon

The Spider-Man Crossover:

The first Venom movie did not have any Spider-Man influences in it. It also did not feature the MCU as well. In the first Venom movie, Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock. This is a character in an isolated universe that Sony Pictures efficiently creates. And as fans, we are all hoping for a Spider-Man Crossover.

Sony subtly uses a Marvel character but does not refer to the events of the Avengers movies. It also does not have reference to Infinity War. But Sony and Disney have come to an agreement to feature Tom Holland as Spider-Man in MCU’s future movies. However, their main goal is a Spider-Man Crossover. Both productions want Holland’s Peter Parker to come face to face with Hardy’s Venom.

Fleischer’s Comments About Spider-Man Crossover

Ruben Fleischer Director of Movie Venom

Ruben Fleischer, the director of Venom, is currently promoting Zombieland: Double Tap, which will release soon. In an interview, he made comments regarding the fact whether there will be a Spider-Man Crossover happening. Questions if Tom Holland’s Spidey will ever come face to face with Venom also arise in this case.

As of now, we know that Andy Serkis will direct the Venom sequel. However, Fleischer admits that he expects the two actors on the screen together as their respective Marvel characters. And he expects this to happen soon.

Possibilities Of A Crossover Like This:

Whether such a crossover will happen in the MCU is still unknown. Regardless, there is one thing that seems more likely. It is that the Madame Webb film could have Holland’s version of the character. And if that happens, it will work in a Spider-Verse that will operate separately.


How Regular People In The MCU Abused Avengers: Infinity War’s Snap

Thanos’ Snap In Infinity War:

We all know about Thanos’ Snap in Avengers: Infinity War. We all know how the Mad Titan uses the Infinity Gauntlet to eliminate half of all the lives in the universe. On the one hand, the whole world suffers because of Thanos’ Snap. And on the other, there are some people who use this tragedy for their own benefit.

We also explore the repercussions of this snap in various parts of Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Endgame deals with the emotional pain and hardship that came with the Infinity War Snap. And Far From Home explores it from a different viewpoint.

The Different Ways People Dealt With a snap of Thanos:

In Endgame, the Avengers and people of Earth are in the process of reeling from the snap. The movie explores the effect this snap has on people’s lives. It shows how their families and near ones are taken from them as a result of the snap. Thanos’ Snap also gets a name in the film, which is the Decimation, or the Blip. We also see a scene with Captain America. Cap leads a support group where people talk about their difficulties with moving on. The snap also has a huge impact on the Avengers themselves.

Then, in Far From Home, we see how Peter Parker, Ned and their classmates deal with the snap. It also shows how many of them “blipped” away and missed out on five long years. When they return, they find out that many of their fellow students have already finished high school and are now adults.

The Exceptions Of Thanos’ Snap:

However, despite all of the hardships, there are many who did not suffer the consequences of the Infinity War Snap. Read on below to find out about the few exceptions who took advantage of the snap.

Flash Thompson, The First Regular Person To Abuse avengers Thanos snap

In Far From Home, we see how Flash Thompson experiences the “blip” along with Peter and others. In the movie, Thompson pretends to be old enough to drink alcohol. But, due to the snap, he is only 16, and not 21, regardless of what his ID says.

How Roger Harrington’s Wife Abuses The Infinity War Snap

Harrington is Peter Parker’s science teacher, who we hear about in Far From Home. This is one man who wrongly believes that his wife dies by the snap. He also holds a funeral for her with his family. However, Roger eventually discovers that his wife never died at all. Instead, she simply uses the snap as an excuse to run off with another man.

Jack Triconi And His Abuse on the incident

We find Jack Triconi’s story on the Daily Bugle website in the film. Triconi is a stuntman who is shooting a falling scene for a movie when Thanos’ Snap happens. According to him, he “blips” while he is mid-air. He then reappears five years later along with everyone else. But the pad he should land on is apparently gone. As a result, Triconi gets critical injuries.

However, we see an update of the Daily Bugle website later on. This is possible because Triconi’s accident violates the rules that the Russos establish about the reverse of the snap. According to the update, Triconi never blips, and he lies to get the insurance money.

Source: ScreenRant


A Fan Spotted Uncle Ben Easter Egg From Captain America: Civil War

The Resurface Of An Aunt May Civil War Scene:

An eagle-eyed Marvel fan recently spotted an Aunt May Civil War scene with reference to MCU’s Uncle Ben. The fan, whose Reddit username is u/Aedengeo, took to his profile to post a throwback photo from the film. In the photo, we can see May Parker sitting in what looks like a room. Furthermore, if you zoom in on her, you can clearly see her wearing a necklace.

What Is So Special About This Aunt May Civil War Image?

There is one thing that makes this image very special. This is the fact that May Parker seems to be wearing Ben’s wedding ring around her neck. This may refer to the Uncle Ben of the MCU.

Looks like May is wearing Ben’s wedding ring around her neck in Captain America: Civil War (2016) from marvelstudios

More About The Easter Egg

We already know that Tony Stark has been a mentor to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. And this is true ever since Spidey’s introduction in Captain America: Civil War. There are some Spider-Man fans who feel that Stark has replaced Uncle Ben in the MCU. In fact, even Tom Holland says so, when considering his recent interviews.

Along with this, we know about Peter Parker’s struggles with Tony’s demise. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Parker struggles to come to terms with Stark’s death in Avengers: Endgame. Moreover, we can see small references to Uncle Ben in both Captain America: Civil War as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, we are still to see Uncle Ben’s name being mentioned in the MCU. The closest we have come to mention is evident in Spider-Man: Far From Home. It is in this movie that we see Peter’s briefcase bearing Uncle Ben’s initials.

Ben Parker’s Suitcase In Spider-Man Far From Home. Courtesy: Marvel Studios

Uncle Ben and Aunt May Civil War:

Regardless of everything, this fan from the Marvel Studios subreddit has noticed something quite surprising. Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May in the Civil War might be wearing Uncle Ben’s wedding ring. Kudos to the fan for pointing out such details. In both the comics and movies, Aunt May and Uncle Ben take care of their nephew Peter Parker. This is after both his parents die in a plane crash.


Spider-Man 3 May Introduce Venom In MCU, Thanks To New Sony-Disney Deal

Possibility Of Seeing Venom In MCU:

The last month was a seemingly long one. Both Disney and Sony Pictures were continuously at loggerheads. There were also many failing negotiations and insults. But it seems that the two have finally come to an agreement. Both are now at a common point of agreement regarding Spider-Man’s future in the MCU.

As of now, Marvel Studios will produce another Spider-Man film for Sony. With this, they can also use Spidey in a crossover film that Disney will release. Moreover, this also raises the chances that it could bring Venom In MCU.

Fans consider this as a major win for themselves. Regardless, the business side of the deal is still under a lot of scrutinies. But what fans fail to understand is what this means for Sony’s own Spider-Man franchise.

Spider-Man Spinoffs:

Recently, we found out that Marvel president Kevin Feige officially spoke of Sony’s own spinoff universe of Spidey. This alternate universe already has a very successful Venom movie.

A sequel to the film is already under works as well. But the official announcement by Feige makes many things clear. One of these is that Tom Holland will inevitably appear in future Spider-Man spinoffs. This also includes the Upcoming Venom Movie.

The Inevitable Truth- We Could See Venom In MCU:

Feige’s words, which include the fact that Spidey can cross cinematic universes is a huge hint. It is a very big sign that Sony and Marvel Studios are willing to work closer together.

They might also do this in a way such that their own plans for Spidey aren’t as separate. This could also lead to an appearance from Tom Hardy’s Venom In MCU, in the third Spider-Man movie.

Other Factors:

As of now, it is clear that Sony wants more recognition from the MCU. The Venom franchise is the best opportunity they will get for this expansion. And the original deal between Marvel and Sony also has an expansion.

So, Spider-Man spinoff movies can have a leeway of some sorts from now on. Furthermore, it is important to note that with the current plan, Marvel will thematically end Spidey’s arc in the MCU.

Regardless, adding Venom In MCU will definitely strengthen the partnership between both the companies.


Spider-Man Can Show up in Venom 2 According to New Sony Marvel Deal

Spider-Man Back In MCU With The New Deal:

Sony and Marvel have a new deal that has fans all hyped up. The two companies are working out a deal to end the Spider-Man: Homecoming Trilogy. They are trying to end it the way it should finish. With this, we can expect Spider-Man Back In MCU officially. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Co. will officially return to the MCU for one last movie.

The New Deal Between Marvel and Sony:

With this, it is also important to understand the other minute details of the deal between the studios. According to the deal, there will be more fluidity where Spider-Man is concerned. It will allow Spidey to move more freely between the studios as well as the franchises.

To put simply, Spidey will be free to appear in the upcoming films from Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. Moreover, the superhero will be able to do so even now. This will be in addition to appearing in a final film in the MCU. This also implies that we might see Spider-Man In Venom 2.

Kevin Feige On Spider-Man Back In MCU:

Marvel president Kevin Feige also has comments about Spider-Man’s new superpower to cross cinematic universes. He says that he is happy that Spidey’s journey will continue in the MCU. Moreover, he is excited about the fact that they get to keep working on it. According to Feige, Spider-Man is a powerful icon as well as a great hero. He is one whose story spreads across all ages and audience all around the world.

In addition to this, he is also the only hero who can cross various cinematic universes. In saying so, you may never know what the future might hold with Spider-Man Back In MCU. This could also be while Sony continues to develop its own Spidey-Verse.

Spider-Man In Venom 2:

After the split between Sony and Marvel, the former quickly went ahead with Venom 2. Reports also suggested that Andy Serkis will be taking the helm as director. Sony also confirmed that Woody Harrelson’s Carnage will also be in focus in the film.

Furthermore, there were assumptions that Sony would use Spider-Man In Venom 2 to turn it into an event film. This could potentially launch an entire Spider-Man spinoff universe as well.

Despite all of this, it seems like Sony’s goals for Venom 2 have not changed at all. This also makes sense in the fact that fans will get closure to Spidey’s story. In addition to that, Spidey will also have his one last solo film in the Marvel Universe.

Regardless, this will do nothing to help Sony launch the Spider-verse it needs to support Spider-Man. However, a Venom-Spider-Man-Carnage crossover certainly has the potential to do so.



Now Spider-Man Is Out Of The MCU, What Happens With Nick Fury & The Skrulls?

Spider-Man Out Of MCU- The Future:

With Spider-Man Out Of MCU, fans are curious as to what will happen in the future. This comes especially after the ending of Far From Home.

Subsequently, questions are being raised about what will happen to Nick Fury and The Skrulls.

There are questions about Spider-Man himself. And most of these relate to the fact that Marvel Studios will not continue with Peter Parker’s story.

However, filmmakers can still explore the narrative involving Nick Fury and The Skrulls.

Sony Pulls Spider-Man Out Of MCU- The Aftermath:

Marvel fans all around the world are still reeling after the split between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures over Spidey.

This is also because Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes of Marvel. Disney and Sony were not in tandem with the original deal between them. And with Sony refusing to change the terms, the deal collapsed.

So naturally, Sony Pulls Spider-Man Out Of MCU. And Spider-Man comb back is something that will not change anytime soon.

Spider-Man Not in MCU- The Questions That Go Unanswered:

With Spider-Man Out Of MCU, it also means that there are many questions from Far From Home that will go unanswered.

By Uproxx

However, this is not true for some instances from the movie. For example, the film’s end reveals that Nick Fury is a Skrull, Talos, who was last seen in Captain Marvel.

Meanwhile, the real Nick Fury is on board a Skrull spaceship. We also come to know that the Skrulls in the film were taking orders from Fury.

In addition to that, we can also expect that Nick might be working on a new secret base named S.W.O.R.D. in the comics.

The Reactions:

While this revelation comes as a shock, the actual meaning behind this is rather vague. As of now, with Spider-Man Out Of MCU, it is not clear as to what Marvel will do with the Skrull story arc.

Regardless, sources suggest that we can rest assured that the split did not completely ruin it.

Nick Fury, as well as the Skrulls, belong to Marvel Studios.

Therefore, any confusions and remaining curiosities regarding them can still be explored. Marvel had initially been planned to follow up on this arc in Spider-Man 3. And it is safe to say that they did not expect it entirely in the movie.

Even without spiderman, Marvel could use this storyline in other projects.

They can also follow up on this in Captain Marvel 2. However, as of now, we still have to wait for something like this to happen. More so, because most of the Phase 4 movies may have already been worked out.


Every Spider-Man Movie Spin-Off in Development

New Spider-Man Spin-Off In Development:

Spider-Man is one of the very few Marvel heroes who have a cast huge enough to support the entire MCU. With Sony planning to do exactly that, there are many Spider-Man spin-off that is currently being made.

These Spider-Man spin-off movies will star characters such as Black Cat, Morbius, and Venom, among others.

Listed below are all of the Spider-Man centric movies that are on floors at both Marvel as well as Sony.

All Of The Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie:

1. Morbius

Morbius is one of the few supporting characters of Spider-Man to have his own Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. In this Spider-man spin-off, Morbius is a scientist who transforms himself into a living vampire. The film will possibly release on July 31, 2020.

2. Venom 2

One of the very first Spider-Man spin-off movie we came to know about, Venom 2 stars Venom, the first Spider-Man character who stars in a new Sony universe. This sequel to Venom will see Tom Hardy reprise his role as the anti-hero Eddie Brock/Venom. The film will release on October 2, 2020.

3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2

Into the Spider-Verse is one of the biggest hits by Sony so far, both critically as well as commercially. So, a sequel to this Spider-Man spin-off does not come as a surprise. Joaquim Dos Santos will probably take the helm as director for the sequel.

4. Untitled Female Cast Into the Spider-Verse Spin-Off

In yet another Spider-Man spin-off movie, this untitled film will feature an all-female cast. The film will also be a spin-off of Spider-Verse, wherein Spider-Gwen will most likely return to the screen. Other characters might also include Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, Madame Web, Silk and even Black Cat.

5. Kraven the Hunter

One of the Spider-Man spin-offs will focus on Kraven the Hunter, one of the oldest rogues of Spider-Man. Kraven is a skilled hunter who wishes to prey on Spidey. He is also the main antagonist in Kraven’s Last Hunt, the seminal comic story, which might serve as a base for the movie.

6. Black Cat

Silver & Black was one of the earliest Spider-Man spinoff movies by Sony, featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat. The film had an earlier release date set for February 2019. But the studio is now working on solo movies for both of these characters.

Image from Marvel

7. Silver Sable

Silver Sable has the biggest role in the recently released Spider-Man spin-off PS4 game. An upcoming solo film for the character is also in the works, with Gina Prince-Blythewood possibly directing it.

8. Nightwatch

Amongst the most obscure Marvel characters in the Spider-Man universe, Nightwatch is a vigilante hero. He is famous for wearing a durable nanotechnology costume that apparently increases his strength by stimulating his adrenal glands. A possible Spider-Man spin-off movie is in the works for this character.

Image by Den of Geek

9. Silk

Silk is a more recent addition to Spidey’s world. She is being bitten by the same radioactive spider who bit Peter Parker in the past. Becoming a costumed hero, Cindy Moon, or Silk has appeared in Homecoming as well as Infinity War. But, a completely separate movie, one that will be a Spider-Man spin-off, is in development.

10. Jackpot

A character often fighting beside Spidey in defending the New York City, Jackpot is an identity which two different women use. Both Sara Ehret, the genetic researcher and Alana Jobson, her admirer use this identity. Reports also suggest that a Jackpot movie is currently in development.

Image by Comicbook

What to expect in The Future?

According to Tony Vinciquerra, the chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Mike Hopkins, the chairman of Sony Pictures Television, Sony has many properties planned for at least seven or eight years.

These will be for both televisions as well as films, with both having their own set of characters.


The Top 5 Spider-Man Game For Mobile Phones In 2019

Spider-Man is one of the oldest comics in Marvel’s portfolio. From kids to adults, everyone knows the story of Peter Parker, and how he became Spider-Man with the spider bite. With new movies about the superhero coming out all the time, fans also debate amongst themselves to decide which movie is the best. Additionally, with mobile gaming becoming popular, there are many Spider-Man Game Download For Mobile, along with other devices. 5 of the best Spider-Man games for Android are as follows:

Best Spider-Man Game Download:

1. Gameloft Spider-Man Games:

spiderman unlimited game
spiderman unlimited game

Gameloft seems to have a license for making mobile games specifically related to Spider-Man. While most of these games are available for free on Google Play, it does seem a little confusing, especially considering the number of Spider-Man Game Downloads. Still, even with the many games in its collection, Spider-Man Unlimited is one of the last standing games by Gameloft.

Spider-Man Unlimited is a runner style game which has certain fighter elements. Just like any common game, the character has to travel through different cities and collect items and points. The game also includes features such as fights and comic book-style graphics. It also has some of the classic villains of the Spider-Man franchise.

The player can choose from various characters and play in the story mode which has up to 25 different missions and five boss fights for each of those. Subsequently, you can also choose from the many issues in the unlimited mode of the game. Players can also compete with other users for a top place on the global leader board.

2. Marvel Contest of Champions:

Marvel Contest of Champions
Marvel Contest of Champions

One of the best Spider-Man Game Download For Android is the Marvel Contest of Champions. The game is mostly free to download and has a few in-app purchases available on Google Play. In this fighting game, the different Marvel heroes compete against one another. One of these superheroes is Spider-Man. After choosing a character, the user gets to fight an opponent in this game.

Some of the features of the game are online mechanics and alliances with other players. Players also get to fight through various campaigns, collect different heroes and play in different content. It is one of the classic Spider-Man Fighting Games Free Download available for Androids.

3.Marvel Future Fight:

Marvel Future Fight
Marvel Future Fight

Another one of the available Spider-Man Fighting Games Free Download for Androids, this game has a few in-app purchases on Google Play. Amongst the most popular Spider-Man games, Marvel Future Fight is a game with a third-person POV. Players get to collect heroes and use them to go ahead in the story.

Moreover, players can also make online teams and play against other users. To put simply, you get to play your favorite superhero while beating down the bad guys. What more does one need?

4. Marvel Pinball

Amongst the favourite Android Spider-Man Game Download, Marvel Pinball is a casual style game priced at $0.99 on Google Play. The game is quite simple, and the Marvel character themes make it interesting. Boasting of realistic graphics, the pinball tables in this game has Marvel themes, in addition to Android TV support.

The various in-app purchases can help the players to unlock new pinball tables, along with new characters.

5. Marvel Puzzle Quest:

Another premium Spider-Man Game Download available for Android is like every other Puzzle Quest game. To put simply, it is a match-three and level up-style puzzle game. Every time the players completes a match, their chosen character gets to make their opponent weak.

The game also has other online players, whom the user can interact with. The game also boasts of RPG elements as well a storyline.


Possible Look of Tom Holland’s Black Venom Symbiote Spider-Man Suit

Sony’s Upcoming Works

Fans have always been curious as to how a crossover between Spider-Man and Venom would look. Prior to the two studios parting ways, Sony had already confirmed about a future Spidey-Villain movie. Sony is also working on Morbius, which stars Jared Leto, Jared Harris, and Matt Smith, among others.

Work is also underway for Venom 2, with Andy Serkis as the director.

Venom 2 will also have Tom Hardy who will reprise his role as the antihero, along with Michelle Williams. Other actors include Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady, popularly known as Carnage.

A Possible Crossover?

With Spider-Man now free from the MCU, we can expect a lot to happen. While the character could be dropped entirely, he could also continue in a different way altogether. There is a lot that can happen with Spider-Man.

New Fan Art Imagines What Tom Holland’s Suit Could Look Like

Keeping the possibilities in mind, a digital artist called Mizuriofficial has posted a new fan art on Instagram. The art gives a glimpse at how the character could look as a host to the said symbiote.

With more than four thousand likes already, the art looks amazing, to say the least. And even though Spider-Man has had its adaptations in a lot of ways on the big screen, this seems different. This is especially because Peter Parker has only one encounter with the Venom symbiote.

The Artwork

While the artwork is inspirational, it is also different. It is also important to know that if Peter gets the suit, the timeline in the films will not be at par with those in the comics. Also, Venom’s latest version already has a committed design.

Regardless, the eyes on Peter’s suit have perfect alignment to those on Hardy’s Venom. The image also has many similarities with Venom.

In conclusion, it is still a long time to go before we come to know about Spidey and Venom’s future. However, if Sony’s plans of uniting them is successful, the haunting fan art could serve as great inspiration.


Jake Gyllenhaal Really Doesn’t Want To Confirm Mysterio Is Dead

Mysterio’s Fate:

We saw Mysterio apparently dying in Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. But even after that, Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays the character, is nowhere close to confirming whether Mysterio is really dead.

Spider-Man boasts of having some of the best-developed rogues in comics, following Batman.

Of course, most of the supervillains in Spidey’s comics can apparently cheat death as well. One such supervillain is Mysterio, who even willingly commits suicide once. But Mephisto, Marvel’s version of the Devil, resurrects him.

Who Is Mysterio?

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Mysterio is one of the most accurate comic book characters.

He is a trickster who is using various illusions to get things done in his way. Far From Home ended with the death of Mysterio. A ricocheting bullet hits Mysterio, following which he dies, in an ironic twist of events.

Further, we can also see Peter Parker completely dumbfounded by the event. He then asks the artificial intelligence EDITH whether everything happening is real or not.

EDITH then confirms that Mysterio’s death is not an illusion in any way. But, as usual, fans have still been quite skeptical about the same.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Thoughts:

In the recent Broadway Q&A with Google for Gyllenhaal’s Sea Wall/A Life, the actor made various comments regarding his MCU career.

While a lot of the questions had their focus on his MCU character, the most common of them was if Mysterio could make a possible return in a Sinister Six movie.

While making constant jokes about the snipers used by Marvel, Gyllenhaal was seen desperately trying to avoid an answer to this particular question. He even went so far as to drop his mic, jokingly of course.

Mysterio’s Future:

The central theme of Far From Home of not believing your eyes somewhat seems to make sense.

This is particularly in Mysterio’s apparent death, which raises a lot of suspicions. While the dialogue with EDITH had a due significance of Mysterio unwillingly killing himself, there are no reasons to believe that EDITH could not have been wrong for once.

We know that Mysterio had been using Tony Stark’s drone technology for quite some time, even years probably.

This means that there is no reason that he did not already find out how to change or trick EDITH’s advanced sensor suite.

It is also important to note that Mysterio conveniently had a fallback plan when Spider-Man began destroying the drones. The film, in addition, only partially explained this contingency plan.

Subsequently, it is possible that the character has other arcs. It is a well-known fact that Sony has plans of making a Sinister Six movie having various Spider-Man villains. Despite that, it is not so much of a priority to Marvel Studios.

And with the recent split between Marvel and Sony, we can well expect that Sinister Six movie to happen rather soon.

In that case, Sony may choose to show that Mysterio did not actually die, and survived the bullet in Spider-Man: Far From Home. And that faking his death was always a very important part of his contingency plan.