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A Massive Spoiler For Spider-Man: No Way Home. Guess Who’s Back?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the worst at keeping secrets, but still, it will be the most excellent movie of the year. I will guarantee that it has a massive surprise in store for fans this winter. However, we know most of it already. Spider-Man 3 will be the first live-action Spider-Man Multiverse movie, pitting various versions of Peter Parker against the best villains from Sony’s old Spider-Man films. That surprise might be ruined, and Sony and Marvel can’t do anything about it. But that doesn’t make the movie any less exciting.

Most people know Spider-Man 3 is a multiverse adventure. But many of them won’t know what will happen in No Way Home or how the main Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his variants with Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) will save the day. The plot might have leaked in great detail already, but not everyone follows those spoilers. Speaking of spoilers, we have one more Huge No Way Home detail for you that you’ll undoubtedly appreciate but also can spoil the biggest surprise. No Way Home is delivering so many villains and possibly the cameo of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. But before you read any further, we’ll warn you that spoilers are coming down below.

Leaked Promotional Art 

Before the vast spoiler, I would like to share the official No Way Home promo art surfacing all over social media, saying that Dr. Strange will have a significant role in the film. We also saw Peter’s new magic Spider-Man suit. Also, there’s a hint that Mysterio can return, have a look.

Spider-Man No Way Home Promo Art

The two photos in the bottom right corner of the image above. They’re dedicated to the villain of Far From Home, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). They say “We Believe Mysterio,” hinting that the villain posing as a hero in Far From Home might be back in Spider-Man No Way Home.

The Huge Spoiler

From Spider-Man No Way Home Set

Yes, that’s it, you are right! It’s Wilson Fisk’s apartment recreated for Spider-Man No Way Home, directly from Daredevil season one. It’s unexpected yet grateful to have him in this film, and we know that Wilson Fisk is one of the arch enemies for Peter Parker. Also, there’s Matt Murdock who has taken care of Fisk from a long time. We already had Sinister six coming, and now him, what can be his role? This question will remain unanswered until we get to see it ourselves when the movie comes out on 16 December. Pray that it doesn’t get delayed. Below is a reference photo for your clarification that it’s the same apartment.


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