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Chris Evans’ Girlfriend Lilly James Was Spotted Kissing A Married Man

Chris Evans Dating Life

Chris Evans Dating Life

Chris Evans had a far worse summer emotionally than some of us this year. Sorry, Cap, you deserve better.

Fairy Tale Romance

Evans sparked dating rumours this summer with English actor Lilly James when they were spotted eating ice cream and strolling down a park amid the pandemic in London. Fans were very happy for the 38-year-old actor as it looked like he was happy.

Lilly James

Lilly James 31, is a British actress, known for her role in Cinderella (2015) a fantasy film. Dominic West, known for his role in The Affair, is also a British actor. The latter is married to Catherine FitzGerald, an aristocratic heiress.

Aristocratic Heiress

West has been married to FitzGerald for 10 years now and has four kids with his wife. But FitzGerald family and the fans of Evans were in a world of shock when the photos of Lilly James and Dominic West kissing each other and holding hands were released on the internet.

The Pursuit of Love Together

The photos were taken in Rome, Italy, where both of them are shooting for BBC’s The Pursuit of Love Together. The images came out as a shock to fans, and while obviously, the Team Cap campaign has started, we feel bad for FitzGerald and her four kids.

The Heiress hasn’t given her statement yet, but according to a source closer to her, it is said that she had no idea and that she was utterly “shocked”.

Catherine FitzGerald

Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald

Catherine Celinda Leopoldine FitzGerald,49, Viscountess Lambton, is an Anglo-Irish aristocrat and the daughter of Desmond FitzGerald, 29th Knight of Glin. She is a landscape designer and a gardener, she has worked on Hillsborough Castle, Lansdowne Crescent, Clarendon Park, Holland Park Avenue, Glenarm Castle, and St Olav’s Church.

The Glin Castle

The Glin Castle, the family home of FitzGerald, was brought back by the couple which was about to be sold. Then was renovated and has now been rented by famous celebrities like Taylor Swift and Mike Jagger.

In the photos, West was seen without his wedding ring, but nothing about a split has been announced yet. FitzGerald and West met in college and dated for six months but parted ways after that. While she was 32, they met again through a common friend and sparks flew.

Chris Evans obviously is trying to stay out of this and has not responded or in any way shared anything in the social media ever since the news broke out. Evans and Lilly looked straight out of a fairytale on their date but looks like not everything is the same as it seems.


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