Cinderella- Fairy Godmother Played By A Man And Fans Love It!

Fab-g, played by Billy Porter

For the longest time, the fairy godmother has been portrayed as a woman with wings and magical power. But not anymore Cinderella 2021 adds a surprising turn in the plot when the fairy godmother is played by a man, by Billy Porter, and is now fabulous godmother or Fab-G. This twist in the story was not only necessary but also adds a new element of freshness into the story.


Billy Porter recreates the role and completely justifies this role fitment as Fab-G. The concept of Fab-G is something that is soon going to be an audience favorite. Magical, phenomenal, and historic are a few words that come to mind following this historic recreation of the fairy godmother.

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Billy porter nails the glamourless look of the new gender-free godmother. “Magic has no gender” said Billy at an interview and we cannot agree more. The new generation will grow up to fairy tales that are gender-inclusive. Billy Porter is no doubt one of the key takeaways from the movie and is a character that will be loved and adored for times to come.

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