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Coolest Naruto Tailed Beast Transformations

Here is everything you need to know about the coolest Naruto-tailed beast transformations.

Naruto’s Partial Nine-Tails

Naruto first accessed the Partial Nine-Tails Mode after taking half of Kurama’s chakra by force. Naruto’s body was cloaked in orange chakra flames. Six magatamas formed around his neck, and an Uzumaki swirl appeared on his stomach.

The form released powerful life energy, causing wood structures to mature into trees. Besides simply looking incomplete, this partial chakra mode had various drawbacks. Due to the Nine-Tails’ refusal to cooperate with him, Naruto couldn’t use Tailed Beast Bombs.

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Naruto’s Ashura Mode

Ashura Mode is created by combining three Kurama Clones to create a three-headed, six-armed Tailed Fox. During the last battle between Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha, this form was used. It provided the Ultra-Big Ball and Tailed Beast Rasenshurikens, which countered Sasuke’s Perfect Susanoo.

Ashura mode was Naruto’s first transformation to merge shadow clones. By combining three Tailed-Beast clones into one, Naruto doubled his power to fight Sasuke’s most powerful form.

The Eight-Tailed Transformation

The Eight-Tailed Transformation occurred after Naruto broke the seal during his fight with Pain. After taking full control of Naruto’s body, Kurama emerged in near-full form. Nine-Tails managed to break free from Naruto’s control, as well as exhibited the range of its full power for the first time.

The Eight-Tailed Transformation allowed Naruto to completely destroy Pain’s Planetary Devastation technique. It was only used once as Minato’s seal prevented Kurama from ever taking full control over Naruto.

One-Tailed Cloak

Naruto used the One-Tailed Cloak while fighting Sasuke at the Valley of the End. It enveloped Naruto in orange chakra, transforming him into an animalistic version of himself. With its power, Naruto could generate shock waves with punches and roars.

This is one of Naruto’s coolest transformations because it was the first. In a desperate bid to stop Sasuke, he accessed Kurama’s chakra.

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Six-Tailed Transformation

Naruto accessed the Six-Tailed Transformation after watching Hinata “die” at the hands of Pain. It’s characterized by its beast body, blood shroud, and skeleton-bone armor. Naruto used this form to attack Pain with nearly all the power available to the Nine-Tailed Fox.

The Six-Tailed Transformation showed Kurama’s chaotic consciousness for the first time. He attacked with reckless abandon, always with the intent to kill. He fired off city-leveling blasts at random and destroyed Tsunade’s sealing necklace with an evil smile.

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