Dandadan Chapter 42 Release Date and Speculations

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What in the name of ‘spirit’ is going to happen in Dandadan Chapter 42? On one side we have Okarun vs Jiji and at the other the man-eating earthworm hiding somewhere. And, both of them aren’t someone to mess with but right now, Jiji has an upper hand. Well, things just got a lot more interesting. 

But, where to read the upcoming chapter and what to expect? Here are all the release details you need to know.

About Dandadan:

Dandadan is a manga series written and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu. It began its serialization in Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ service in April 2021. As of now, Dandadan has a total of three tankobon chapters.

Ghosts, monsters, aliens, teen romance, battles…and the kitchen sink! This series has it all! Takakura, an occult maniac who doesn’t believe in ghosts, and Ayase, a girl who doesn’t believe in aliens, try to overcome their differences when they encounter the paranormal! 


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A Brief Recap of Dandadan Chapter 41:

After the ‘Evil Eye’ spirit possesses Jiji, he attacks Momo with the intent to kill. However, she blocks the attack with her psychic powers and is saying Jiji to snap out of the trance. Alas, it’s all in vain; the earthworm tries to attack Jiji once again but fails miserably.

jiji the evil eye dandadan

With an athletic body like that, The Evil Eye uses a football-like sphere to constantly attack the earthworm. And after a lot of rebounds, it decides to go in hiding. On the other hand, it turns out that The Evil Eye was protecting Jiji because it wanted to possess him. 


As Turbo Granny warns Momo to prepare for the worst, Jiji again attacks her. Although she blocks it again just like before but this time Jiji comes from her side for a surprise attack. Still, somehow she’s able to block it but takes damage and falls on the ground.

jiji vs momo dandadan chapter 42

Seeing this is his chance, Jiji decides to end her in one kick. But hey, Okarun arrives at the last moment in fashion and stops it. And now, he’s furious and it’s the beginning of their fight. 

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

First of all, we will most certainly have the Okarun vs Jiji fight. Looking at the situation right now, Jiji has quite some advantage here. Nonetheless, it’d be very interesting to see how Okarun battles someone whom he deemed as a friend not long ago.


okarun vs jiji dandadan

Secondly, I think the earthworm is hiding and looking for a good moment to sneak up and attack. At the end of the day, all of them are in his domain. Lastly, it’s high time we see the Kito lady so expect her to pop up in Dandadan Chapter 42 too.

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Dandadan Chapter 42 Release Date:

Dandadan Chapter 42 is all set to release on January 31, 2022. It looks like the manga will be on a break for one week. 


Where To Read It?

The latest chapters of Dandadan can be read on Viz and Shueisha’s MangaPlus.


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