Deadliest Convicts Locked Away In My Hero Academia’s Tartarus

Tartarus was once home to My Hero Academias deadliest and most irredeemable villains. Having been defeated by the greatest champions of Japan, they were kept under heavy scrutiny and inhumane conditions until Shigaraki gave them the power to liberate themselves. Here is everything you need to know about the deadliest convicts locked away in My Hero Academia’s Tartarus.

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All For One

All For One was the international face of evil and the most successful villain of the entire series. Having wiped out multiple One For All users, he once held a complete stranglehold over the future of Japan.

All For One’s multiple Quirks mean that he can fight opponents on virtually any level. Moreover, a single touch is enough to render his targets powerless and fully incapable of fighting back. The villain’s only clear weakness is that his body is badly damaged and requires both Quirks and a breathing apparatus in order to function properly.

Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant was a former hero and an even more proficient villain. Her Quirk allowed her to create a weapon from her arm that had deadly results when fired against her enemies. Given Nagant’s vast experience, she could use it just as optimally as Stain.

Additionally, Nagant was given the Air Walk Quirk by All For One. This allowed her to fly, which significantly increased her mobility and made her difficult to detain. As an entirely well-rounded fighter, Nagant’s only arguable weakness is a lack of reliable defense.


The stain was once the most feared hero-killing vigilante in all of Japan. His murders were so well known that he developed a following that would later become loyal to Tomura Shigaraki. Despite his specific and conditional Quirk, Stain’s athleticism surpasses most characters in the series.

He simultaneously outmaneuvered Midoriya, Todoroki, and even Iida, using his Quirk to help pacify his opponents and better inform his advance. Stain’s Quirk may not be the most reliable since it depends on the blood type of its victims, but he’s such a prolific warrior that it doesn’t limit him much.


Muscular was a hulking villain who relied on physical strength. He could manipulate and enhance the fibers in his body in order to become a threat rivaling One For All. Muscular was a seasoned hero killer, he has much greater combat experience than many other League members including even Shigaraki himself.

His power can also be used in a defensive capacity, using his raw bulk as a makeshift shield and reducing the damage his enemies are able to inflict against him.

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At one point, Overhaul’s organization threatened to escalate the war between heroes and villains. Ever since Shigaraki took his arms, both his body and spirit have been broken. Overhaul may have been freed, but he isn’t particularly deadly without easy access to his Quirk.

Granted, he may still be a recognizable figurehead and tactical leader for others to rally behind. However, considering how much Shigaraki hates him, he wouldn’t have much of a place within the Paranormal Liberation Front itself.

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