Demi Lovato Breaks off her engagement with Max Ehrich.


Just after 6 months of dating and 2 months of being engaged, the Disney alum called it quits with her fiancé.

Several sources closer to the couple have given statements, but the couple themselves have been tranquil about this. While each source tells a different story, we know one thing for sure, that Demi is in a lot of pain.

Stuck With You

Demi and Max started dating six months back. They confirmed their relationship and made it official with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s music video when the couple did a #stuckwithyou video. Demi was seen gushing and over the moon throughout the entire video.

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Show PDA in Stuck With you

Fans lost their mind when they saw their popstar happy like never before. Demi having former problems with substance abuse, she was getting her life back in order even before Max came in her life. His entering just made it even easier for her to do it.

Whirlwind Romance

To those who are unaware, Max Ehrich is a soap star. He is also a singer and has done some movies. It was just 2 months back that he proposed to her on a beach. They had the perfect Instagram Whirlwind romance couple vibe.

Demo Lavato and Max Ehrich

Even though some old tweets of Max gushing over Selena Gomez was out and was trending, Demi defended her fiancé. She made sure no one messes with him. Demi was also very busy preparing for their wedding. She had even said that she is planning a wedding dress, but it is definitely not white.

True Intentions

Some sources reveal that Demi finally found out the true intentions of Max and that he did this all just for the publicity of dating a big-time star like Demi. It is said that once he went to shoot for his film mid-September, things started to change.

Even though Demi was warned by many of her family and close friends, she didn’t listen before as she was madly in love. She kept ignoring the red flags, and now at least she was bold enough to walk away.

Social Media Uncoupling

Demi’s family and friends have already unfollowed Max on Instagram. While some sources say that they both have separated amicably and have respect for each other, we don’t think the fans will feel the same way.

Demi who had gone to be with Max in his film set is now back home to LA, and her family has jumped in to keep her safe and strong.

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