Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 11 (Hinatsuru And Suma) Release Date and Spoilers

daki demon slayer season 2

Everyone in their right mind will be waiting for the next episode to see what happens with the chirpy Zenitsu. At this point, the show has taken a very dark turn and is looking quite promising and exciting. Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 11 will only raise the stakes higher and we all are ready for that.

Here are all the release details you need in order to get ready for the upcoming episode.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 11 Release Date:

The fourth episode of Demon Slayer Season 2 is all set to release on December 26, 2021. Buckle up because Episode 11 is going to take a surprising turn. 

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A Brief Recap of Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 10:

Welcome the primary antagonist of the Entertainment District Arc – Warabihime Orion. Although her real name is Daki, we get to know this through Muzan when she kills the owner of Kyogoku House. 

muzan and daki demon slayer season 2

Inosuke follows the trail of the slimy vibe he was getting from Makio’s room but Daki somehow escapes. Not to mention, she was able to take Maki with her too. And that’s why the mountain boy is now furious with himself and is on a mission to find the demon. 

On the other hand, Zenitsu is trying his best to find Hinatsuru but looks like luck isn’t on his side. As he was walking in the house to search for the informant, he heard a faint cry of a girl. As I said before, luck wasn’t on his side because the cry was coming from one of the new servants of Daki. 


Cut to the next scene, we see Tanjiro doing all the household chores effectively and efficiently. He is on a roll and it seems like he’s enjoying doing the work too. Alas, the same can’t be said for Zenitsu as he was punched by Daki that rendered him unconscious. 

zenitsu demon slayer season 2

While Inosuke is on a mission to find the demon and Maki, Tanjiro also smells a murky scent in the air. Apart from all this, Zenitsu is also caught by Daki after the girls thanked him for standing up for them. Thus, the ‘Entertainment District Arc’ finally begins. 

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

The upcoming episode of the show will raise the stakes more as Zenitsu is now a prisoner of Daki. Not to forget, we still don’t know where Maki went but most probably she and Zenitsu are together somewhere.


tanjiro kamado demon slayer season 2

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 11 might also finally show us Hinatsuru and Suma in action as well. Also, Inosuke and Tanjiro are quite aware of the danger they’re going to face later on. 

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Where can you watch Demon Slayer Season 2?

You can watch Demon Slayer Season 2 on Crunchyroll (for premium subscribers only) as well on Netflix.


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