Theory: How Mjölnir can Return in Thor Love and Thunder

Ever since the Infinity war ended, the most doubted scene among fans was Loki’s death scene. While many claimed that he was dead for good, some said that it was just Loki being Loki.

Loki and Tessaract

Even though we are unsure if the real Loki died or if it was another trick of Loki, where he sends his dummy, it was still painful to watch. But in the Endgame, even though it did us a lot of damages, it did show us Loki escaping with the Tesseract giving us all hope, that at least the Loki in that timeline is alive.


And the announcement of Loki’s series just confirmed that. But the most wondered part is where Mjolnir is. Even though Endgame brought all of us to an emotional breakdown, Cap catching the Mjolnir scene is something we will never forget. But when Cap goes back to return the stones in the end, he also returns the hammer to its original timeline.

Family Feud


In the current timeline, the Mjolnir is lying somewhere in Norway where Odin left his sons and where Hela wreaked havoc to her brother’s hammer. All it took for Hella was one hand to break the great Mjolnir. Some theories say that when Thor returns to Norway, the broken pieces might join and come together and form Mjolnir. If that’s true, then why not do it in the first place? (“Maybe he didn’t know that?”)

Time Travel


After Odin’s death and being put against the Hulk in the fighting Arena, Thor unlocks his powers. But the power grows tremendously in the Infinity war while he travels with Rocket and Groot to get the new one forged. Now the old Mjolnir appears in the Endgame since Thor revisits his past to get the Ether from Jane, who was in Asgard on that particular day. Thor also has a kinda emotional reunion with his mother.

Loki Brings Mjolnir back.


Now there are some theories as to how Mjolnir will come back for good in the Thor: Love and Thunder movie. Some ideas suggest that Jane will become a Valkyrie and will end up possessing the power to wield Mjolnir and might also possess the power to reassemble it. Also, some say that Loki might use a transportation spell to bring back Mjolnir as there is no way he is worthy. Maybe the one who sacrificed his life for Thor might be worthy but definitely not the one that escaped after the Avengers 1 New York debacle. Since Loki’s series is set around him jumping through time, there is so much more chance that he brings the Mjolnir along with him using the transportation spell.

Female Thor and Beta Bay Bill


Marvel also surprised its fans by announcing that Jane Foster will return and not as Thor’s ex but as Female Thor. Some reports claim that she will be dating an Avenger too. Even though Endgame saw the end of Mjolnir in the current timeline, Thor still has the Stormbreaker. In the comics, Stormbreaker is wielded by Beta Ray Bill, who is also rumored to appear in the movie.

So maybe Jane might end up possessing Mjolnir for good, or Thor might keep it with him for backup, or Beta Ray Bill might get Stormbreaker leaving Thor behind with Mjolnir.


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