Do Nica and Regile get together at the end of Tearsmith?

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Nica and Regile’s bonding

From the very beginning of the movie, The Tearsmith, the spark can be seen between both protagonists. Nica, being the soft-spoken girl always had a sweet corner for Regile and could never hate him even when he ignored her.

On the other hand, Regile being the isolated character loved Nica silently without anyone knowing about it except for Adeline. Adeline saw him cutting his wrist to divert Margaret’s attention from Nica’s punishment to his hand. And then only, his liking for Nica was discovered by Adeline.

The butterfly locket was snatched away by Regile from Nica on the master’s order. But, Regile kept it with him and never lost it. It was gifted to Nica by her mother and Regile valued her feelings so he couldn’t get rid of it.

Secrets Revealed

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As we delve deeper into the story, we discover how Nica’s small crush on Regile turned into something serious. While on the other hand, Regile had always loved her. It was Regile who held her hand when she was in the darkness.

He was there for her when no one could and maybe that’s what set them apart. It was he who used to save her from any cruelty without getting noticed as his way of seeing everything couldn’t allow him to confront things.

Regile believed that he was the wolf in Nica’s story and that’s why he couldn’t be with her but Nica proved him wrong. After getting out of the orphanage, Nica altered his way of living.

Nica and Regile ended up together at the last of The Tearsmith, leaving the audience awestruck. Regile became Nica’s “tearsmith” who made her cry and let her true self out while at the same time adding glitter to her life.

Nica healed Regile and proved him wrong by depicting that he was capable of being loved. She followed her instincts and made everything right.

Nica and Regile proved themselves right at last. Nica means true identity and Regile is the name of a star. Nica gave true identity to the Regile’s name. Both were heartbroken and had harsh pasts but if it weren’t Nica’s way of seeing things, Nica and Regile could never mend their broken pieces and come together.

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