Do The Flashbacks In Avengers: Endgame Tell Us How It All Ends?

Flashbacks In Avengers: Endgame

The new trailer that was released on Thursday didn’t just offer us new footage, in fact, it offered us much more. The trailer had black and white images and scenes from the beginning of the Avengers. Those scenes displayed an entire century of MCU movies. It featured how our heroes became heroes and how they dealt with the hardship the world put them through. It also featured the sacrifices that were made to stop Thanos.

Even though most the trailer had an emotional touch to it, it may also be hinting towards the fate of the infinity stones. What happens to the infinity stones after Thanos collects them, is something that’s been stated in the comics a very long time ago. The event dates back to 1992’s comic ‘Warlock & the Infinity Watch’. This comic was originally written after ‘The Infinity Gauntlet ’ (1991).

The writer of this series is Jim Starlin and the artist is Angel Medina. They tell us the story of Adam Warlock who defeats Thanos and acquires the infinity stones. Shortly after attaining the infinity stones, Adam is put under trial by a group of superior cosmic beings. Thus, the stones were divided again.

In the second release of this series, the Infinity Watch is gathered and given to Gamora and Drax. The Time Gem is given to Gamora and the Power Gem is given to Drax. The remaining stones, space and mind stone, were given to some less popular heroes like Pip the troll and Moondragon. The Soul stone, however, Warlock kept with himself and secretly gave the Reality stone to Thanos.

The idea was still the same, separate the stones so no one possesses all of them together and plays god. If this would’ve worked out, our heroes could’ve easily left the MCU storyline without dying.

Judging by the hardship Tony has been through we can say that he knows what ultimate power is. This makes him perfect to wield the Power Stone. His flashbacks also state that he’ll officially retire after his victory against Thanos.

The time stone could be given to Captain America. Realizing the cost of protecting it, Steve could time travel to the dance he promised for. The flashbacks of Peggy and Steve’s bond confirms this.

As for the space stone, giving it to Thor would be a good option. With the space stone in his possession, he can finally look for a home for his people and fulfill his duties as the Ruler of Asgard.

The mind stone, however, may come back to Vision. However, after being fixed again, we might get a less human more robot version of Vision.

Fans are suggesting that the last two stones may be divided between Gamora and someone else. Since Gamora was trapped inside the soul stone, she could take control after Thanos is defeated. How the fate of the Avengers and the Infinity Stones turns out, we’ll have to see when Endgame hits theaters in April.

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