Doctor Strange 2: Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hiding His Face?


Over the years, we have seen Marvel doing some weird stuff and going to great lengths to keep fans from having any spoilers before the movie or shows are released.

Marvel & Its Codes

Every person dreams of being in a Marvel movie. But even though it might be a dream, it is actually a nightmare as Marvel has too many restrictions.

They make the actors and crew sign confidentiality agreements, and they are basically sworn to secrecy.

Right now, one of the most anticipated films in the phase of marvel is Doctor Strange In Multiverse of Madness.

Wanda The Maximoff


With Wanda Maximoff coming to accept her incredible flaws and powers, we so badly want to see what she is up to now.

The WandaVision show may or may not have a second season, but our problem as of now is that we are not getting any info from the Multiverse of Madness set.

Every other movie which is shot in the USA or Australia has fans confirming many speculations, but the Multiverse of Madness set in the UK alone has been zip-tight.

What is Benedict Cumberbatch Hiding?

Well, we have no idea what marvel is up to this time. All we know is that Benedict Cumberbatch had to attend a slew of zoom calls while promoting his other projects.

As usual, we are getting a little bit of info about Multiverse of Madness from those promotional events he is attending.


Well, to be frank, we know two things alone as of now, they are still filming, and that Cumberbatch may or may not have finished filming the Spider-Man sequel.

A New Look?

While attending all his zoom calls, Benedict Cumberbatch either titled the phone towards his trailer ceiling or to a wall.

Before the interviewer could ask, he himself explains that he cannot show his face as he is on set and in his trailer.

We know that fans will read too much into anything at all they get, so we kinda understand him being careful but seriously, what is that Doctor Strange is hiding so badly?

We know his role. We know his costume, so, what’s new? We would have to wait for the movie or at least for the trailer to know what’s actually happening.

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